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Uveitis (Intraocular Inflammation)

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Compared to dogs, cats don't get many eye diseases. However, one of the most common eye problems in cats is uveitis, and it is usually chronic and can cause blindness and ocular pain. In fact, the three most common reasons for a cat's eye to be surgically removed (this is called "enucleation") is ocular trauma (such as a severe cat claw injury to the eye), glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure) secondary to chronic uveitis, and cancer (diffuse iris melanoma). Uveitis in cats can be caused by serious or life-threatening generalized disease in the cat's body. Therefore, feline uveitis is an important disease to diagnose and treat correctly, to decrease the chances of the eye being blinded and possibly removed, or even of the cat dying from the disease that caused the uveitis.

Uveitis is inflammation of the uveal tract, which is the pigmented, vascular part of the eye. This includes the iris (this is the coloured part of the eye that forms the pupil), ciliary body, and choroids. The uveal tract (or "uvea") is all in one piece, and is shaped like a hollow ball with a large slit in it, that fits inside the eyeball. The slit is the cat's pupil, and the rest of the ball is the iris, ciliary body, and choroid which all "blend" together as a vascular cup. Therefore, if the iris is inflamed, it is likely that the ciliary body and choroid are involved too, either slightly or severely.

Uveitis can have many clinical signs. Here is a list of common ones, that can be mixed and matched in a variety of combinations: squinting, sensitivity to light, third eyelid protrusion, tearing, redness to the white part of the eye, abnormal pupil shape or size, an altered iris colour (usually a "muddy" or reddened colour compared to the normal colour), cloudiness, cataract, and/or enlarged eye if glaucoma is present. Blindness may be apparent, but this is often not noticeable, especially if the fellow eye is visual.

The tannish cloudy area covering the pupil is a clot of inflammatory debris (fibrin) in the anterior chamber.

In approximately 6 out of every 10 cats with uveitis, the cause cannot be identified, even with extensive diagnostic tests. However, when the cause can be identified, it is usually trauma, an infectious disease, or cancer.

The infectious diseases that can cause uveitis in cats are: Toxoplasma gondii, feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), Bartonella henselae, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), feline herpesvirus-1 (FHV-1) and feline leukaemia virus (FeLV).

The two most common types of cancer that can cause uveitis in cats are lymphoma and also diffuse iris melanoma (DIM). It is important to know that all of these diseases can be life-threatening, with perhaps the exception of feline herpes virus.

In orthodox treatment anti-inflammatory drugs (ie prednisolone eye drops on eye ball) are usually given.

Natural medicines or suppressive drug treatments are needed quickly as if the elevated intraocular pressure is not controlled, the eye will become blind and painful. The pain is a "headache" type of discomfort that is NOT obvious to the owner.

Here we can provide a very effective, fast and safe healing treatment for all conditions, using Homeopathic medicines and nosodes.

These Uveitis (Intraocular Inflammation) ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Felines

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1. Acute - Uveitis Remedy (25ml)
Natural FAST ACTING remedy for ACUTE INFLAMMATION, and first stages of any type of disease which maybe the underlying cause.

2. General Uveitis Remedy (5oml)
Natural, effective fast healing of all parts of the eye and blood pressure of the retina, lens, and of Glaucoma conditions.
ALL SPECIES ... also treats (Equine Moon Blindness)

Bottle 2. Herbal Eye O Rinse (50ml)


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