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Urethral Blockage

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Urethral obstruction from crystals in the urine is one of the most common problems of a male cat. It has been my experience that there are two reasons for this:


1. A young male cat being neutered too early, when genitals are not fully developed. (Before 12mths of age)

2. Poor quality food causing toxicities and changing the natural acid balance to an over alkaline one. A alkaline system cannot dissolve or breakdown crystals that build up in the urethra.

When a young male cat is castrated early as 9 months or earlier, the lumen of the urethra is still very small and in an infantile state. Now many shelters are neutering females and males at 6 weeks of age. In today's society it is necessary to neuter our pets to control the over populated pet world problem. But I do not agree to neutering the male kittens before 12 mths of age.

If you see your male cat in the squating position all the time in the garden or kitty tray, straining as if constipated, the first thing you should think of is urine obstruction, not constipation. Immediately dose with the homeopathic Urethral Blockage formula. To prevent further re-occurence you also will need to change diet and add an acidic Vit C to daily meals. This will help correct the imbalance from a too alkaline one to a normal acidic system.
Further info is also included in this natural product.

Urinary blockage can cause death within 24 hrs if not relieved due to uremia.

These Urethral Blockage ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Felines.


1. Urethral CLEAR (BLOCKAGE) Formula (25ml)
GIVE a dose every half hour. Repeat 3 to 4 times of treatment.
2. Herba Bladder (100ml)
(i.e. cat) A couple of drops in every meal given. Treatment and prevention of bladder infections, crystals and blockages.

If in 18 - 20 hours after using this remedy, and if your cat is still unable to urinate please take your pet to the Hospital immediately - possible emergency surgery insert catheter to release urine.

Natural allergy free Diet sheet and the vitamin supplement that WILL balance the system and dissolve crystals, preventing reoccurrence urethral blockage.

If your cat, horse or dog is prone to this disorder of crystals build up causing severe or chronic blockage, or your pet has stones, this remedy is good to have.
It will help relieve spasm of the urethra, which helps pass larger stones through the urethra, balance energy in Urinary Bladder, Kidney, Liver, and Urethra, enabling the release of urine.


AN # 121 ACIDIC - FORMULA VITAMIN C (Powder) 125GM $13.20
Very effective form of supplementing in pet's daily diet to bring about a change in a too alkaline one to a more balanced acidic one. This is essential to have an acid system to be able to break down the crystals in the bladder, preventing cystitis and bladder blockage. No need for the artificial acid drug that is only good when use it, then once you stop too alkaline system returns. Also important to discontinue cat biscuits and special PH acid balanced foods, that are artificial and unhealthy.


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