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Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Conventional Vaccines
Although vaccination may sometimes help to reduce the cat 'flu' in strong health cats and kittens, this virus can often be acquired from the very vaccine it is meant to be preventing infection.

Causes and symptoms

The symptoms of cat 'flu are most frequently caused by infection with one or both of the cat 'flu viruses - feline herpes virus (formerly known as feline rhinotracheitis virus) and feline calici virus.

Feline herpes virus (FHV) infection often causes severe and potentially life-threatening illness. Although the majority of cats infected make a full recovery, this often takes several weeks using chemical drugs and antibiotics, with many cats are with permanent effects of infection such as 'chronic rhinitis'.
-Cats with chronic rhinitis are usually well in themselves but have a persistent discharge from the nose and sneeze.

Secondary bacterial infection of damaged tissue can cause chronic conjunctivitis, sinusitis and bronchitis (inflammation of the linings of the eye, sinuses and air passages).

Conventionally, Antibiotic treatment usually only provides temporary relief of these symptoms as this is a virus not bacterial problem.

Feline calici virus (FCV) infection usually causes a milder form of cat 'flu with less dramatic nasal discharges. Characteristic mouth ulcers are sometimes the only sign of infection. The ulcers may be present on the tongue, on the roof of the mouth or the nose.

Some strains of FCV cause lameness and fever in young kittens (these can occasionally be seen after vaccination). Affected kittens will usually need pain killers through this time of acute illness after vaccine side affects.

Diagnosis by the veterinary surgeon is based on symptoms and laboratory tests. Testing for 'flu viruses requires taking a mouth swab which is then sent to a specialized laboratory where the virus is grown and identified.

Conventional therapies there are no drugs available to kill these viruses.
This treatment includes antibiotics, to treat any secondary bacterial infections as these can be life-threatening, and drugs to help loosen the nasal discharge and make breathing less of a struggle.

As cats with 'flu' are often reluctant to eat, they may need to be tempted by offering gently warmed, smelly and palatable food. (cats will not eat unless they can smell their food, even if they are hungry)

Conventionally, syringe feeding of liquid food can be tried if necessary, although caution is advised.

Dehydrated cats may also need fluids given intravenously via a drip.

Holistic Treatment and Prevention

Many cat owners and Catteries all over the world are asking for help.

What we provide are the Homeopathic oral nosodes of the virus which is used for prevention and most often is part of the treatment to rid the virus from the system completely.

This is a very effective system, that is natural and has no side affects. The virus and the symptoms can be dealt with within 7 days.

Chronic suffers will be treated with the same formula except less aggressive frequency of dosing each day.

These Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Felines


AN # 106 URI - 'UPPER RESPIRATORY' VIRUS 50ml $66.00

Bottle 1: Upper Resp Infection (Large Bottle 50ml)
This formula works well on any type of Upper Respritory symptoms for ALL species. Cat flu, snuffles - rabbits etc.
(contains: Homeopathic Nosodes of the calici and rhinotracheitis virus, herpes, cryptorhinitis, crypotococcus, bacillus No7, penicillin streptococcus, haemophilus Influenza, pneumonococcinum, anth nosode, coccidosis, mucous, hydrastis 12X, 200C, 3M)


The Natural safe alternative to the Vaccine Injection.
This immunization is available for all pet owners and catteries and is the homeopathic oral nosode of the virus that is for prevention as well as part of the treatment for feline virus infection - for all age felines.

1. Feline Nosodes HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS (25ml)
(Contains: feline viral rhinotrachetis, Calici, Panleucopenia, Chlamydia nosodes 200C)(One Bottle will treat several pets and last many years)

*On Request - Large Bottle for CATTERIES, which treat and protect hundreds of felines over a three or four years.


These Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Canines.

1. Sinusitis Formula (25ml )
(Nosode Bacteria of the Hamemophilus Influenza, Streptococcus Pneumonia, Vespro Crabro, Hydrastis 10M, Kali Bich, Apis Mell, Bell, Pulsatilla, Hydrastis, Ehincaea, Luffa Operculata, Organs Maxillary, Sphenoid, Frontal Sinuses 1M)

2. Uplift 200C Formula (25ml )
(Super Boosts for the immunes system, and for debility of chronic conditions. Barley Greens, Multi vitamins, nutrition 200C)

To help relieve and clear congestion and/or discharge from nasal passages for ALL species, age and size.
If more ACUTE symptoms of URI go to UPPER RESPIRATORY No#106. 


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