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Travel Ease

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Travel Ease (all species)

Safe, and effective, as well as being a Natural Remedy.

Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that need to be transported by either car or plane can be assisted from fear and stress to a certain point.

Felines are far more traumatised than Canines. Felines do not like to travel full stop.

Canines are able to travel well most of the time without feeling sick or fearful. The loud noise and flight pressure or rough ride can cause nerve issues in cats - both auditory and nerve stress.

Recently having experienced this with two of my own young male felines who had to travel by plane.

So due to a felines sensitivity I have formulated a homeopathic auditory and nerve repair treatment, this will quickly help your feline friends heal from this experience and be less nervous and jumpy afterwards.

These Travel Ease (all species) ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS


AN # 105 TRAVEL EASE (car & plane, float) Set of 3 $33.00

Animal that display fear of travel, car sickness, anxious horse's, shaking pet's, nausea, dog hiding under seat, or excessive barking when in car.

Bottle No 1 Car Travel Ease
Bottle No 2 a. Plane trip (fear/oxygen aid)
b. Nerve aid repair (excellent for felines and nervous canines and horse's - can be used before and/or after the air flight) * Dosage Instruction provided.

AN # 130 RESCUE REMEDY - Bach flowers 20ml $33.00

For humans and ALL Species and WILDLIFE
Use for any type of shock or stress. Through injury or attack or traumas.
Revive reptiles and birds that are in shock - due to shock or stress.
(Just put a couple of drops on body or head or drinking water)

Give drops every 5 minutes for 3 in total is all that is normally needed to bring about wellbeing from shock and stress.

This remedy can save you and your pet's life from dying just from shock alone!

The majority of deaths are not caused from the physical injuries, but die from shock.

*** Always have a bottle at home, in the car and on holidays.

AN # 133 STRESS BALANCE 50ml $27.50
For anyone pet or human under stress through illness or on a emotional level. The remedy covers shock, grief, worry, sleeplessness, emotional .ie. After surgery, chronic or acute illness, emotional times of changes and events.

AN # 134 FEAR BALANCE 50ml $27.50
Fearful animals. From previous abuse or trauma.
For all mental and emotional situations. Fear full animals can also display negative behaviour in the form of warning people with their baring of teeth, including nipping/biting if acute fear is present.
AN # 135 HYSTERIA BALANCE 50ml $27.50
Animals that have acute fear and react quickly.
Are displaying over the top excitement or even hyper active.
One could sense this pet is a very sensitive pets. 


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