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Tooth Decay/Gum Ulcers

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Safe, and effective, as well as being a Natural Remedy.

These Teeth Decay / Gum Ulcers ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS.


1. Inflammation formula 25ml
(remedy is used in place of predisone)

2. Gingivitis/Periodontal Bone formula 50ml
Contains: Homeopathic nosodes - of Gingivitis, Periodontal and teeth caries 200C plus organs Mucous membrane 60C

NOTE: To heal gingivitis and prevent further damage leading to Periodontitis we must provide a Natural Calcium supplement and a homeopathic Calcium balancer to help absorb and distribute calcium evenly. i.e. DOGS/PUPS .. Raw chicken necks, dolomite powder in meat meals and veg. Cats - a pinch of dolomite powder, chopped or flatten raw chicken necks etc.
Which many people and animals have the inability to absorb Calcium effectively, no matter how much of the supplement they take. Homeopathic Calc Flour 6X salt tissue from Health store will also assist in calcium absorption balancer.
(Cat and Dog) 1 crushed tab in food 2 x daily for min of 4 months.
For plaque build up on teeth this will help loosen plaque build up.

Provide a Home prepared easy Raw or slightly cooked natural diet.
It is very important to - Avoid ALL - "ARTIFICIAL" foods and biscuits - that ARE the cause of gum disease and tooth plaque and bad breath, drooling.

Healing remedy for Cat and Dog who may have chronic or advanced Gum or bone Disease 'Gingivitis' or Peridontal disease.


AN # 12 TOOTH - EXTRACTION HEALING Set of 2 $40.00
Cat that are over the age of 8 years or older will need special care to lesson the high risk of toxic over load to the Liver and kidneys from the chemical anaesthetic and antibiotics. Many cats donít pick up after this procedure. It is important to prevent this happening.

1. Tooth Extraction Healing Remedy.
2. Anaesthetic Detox drops.

NOTE : Insist that your pet has Sub-Q fluids before or during extraction. As the anaesthetic is highly toxic, many older or disease pets fail to properly recover after the extractions.
*Very important for any cat over 8 yrs of age or chronic kidney disease or other degenerative illness*


AN # 62 MOUTH ULCERS Set of 2 $40.00

SIGNS that their maybe an ulcer is very bad breath, drooling and gone off food. Quick healing of ulcers and/or drooling, in Kidney patients it can be most common occurrence.
1. Mouth Ulcer Formula 25ml
(Baptisia Tinct 30C & Merr Corr 30C, Mouth & Gum 30C formula)
2. Slippery Elm Powder 50gr


AN # 120 ESTER C VITAMIN 250gm Powder $49.00
Fortified Vitamin C which is essential for the aid of healing and promotion of good health.
We highly recommend the Ester C supplement for any type of bone joint problem like arthritic, hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis ...
Dogs that have any type of skin allergies, including all cancer patients.
However Vit C is also used daily in small doses as a general antioxidant protector and healer, adding 1/4 tspn daily in meals.


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