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Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

All species are assisted with the Sterilization formula, especially the female species. Female dogs and cats should be taken to the Vet for surgery no later than 5 months. Male Dogs it is best to wait till full maturity before sterilization, which would be between 2 to 3 years of age. Male Cats is best to get them fixed no sooner than 12 months of age. As in males they need to be fully mature to avoid hormonal imbalances or psychological imbalances. Buy not fixing them will cause risk of prostrate cancer in males. And females they are at risk of mammary tumours or many unwanted litters in an already over populated world of animals. Please be a responsible pet carer.

Imbalance of the endocrine system from neutering and spaying (loss of testicles or ovaries respectively). This produces a diminished balance of the amounts of cycling testosterone and estrogen that have an affect on the pituitary producing less thyroid-stimulating hormone. This results in hypo function of this gland and its normal production of the hormone thyroxin. One only has to observe the owner of a neutered/spayed pet bemoaning the fact how much fatter he/she has become since the surgery and how even cutting down on calories has no affect in the pet's weight, just increasing the appetite.

These Sterilization ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Canines


AN # 157 STERILIZATION Support 25ml $27.50
1. SterilHeal 25ml
This remedy is excellent for fast healing, pain and prevention of infections.
Especially suitable for female animals that have a bigger operation than the males species.


AN # 130 RESCUE REMEDY - Bach flowers 20ml $33.00

For humans and ALL Species and WILDLIFE
Use for any type of shock or stress. Through injury or attack or traumas.
Revive reptiles and birds that are in shock - due to shock or stress.
(Just put a couple of drops on body or head or drinking water)

Give drops every 5 minutes for 3 in total is all that is normally needed to bring about wellbeing from shock and stress.

This remedy can save you and your pet's life from dying just from shock alone!

The majority of deaths are not caused from the physical injuries, but die from shock.

*** Always have a bottle at home, in the car and on holidays.


To balance the energies within all glands making up the endocrine system in the female and the male animal.
1. Endocrine Formula 50ml
(Pituitary, Thymus, Parathyroid, Thyroid, Adrenals, Pancreas Hydrastis, Lymph, Ovary, Uterus, Vulva, teste).


AN # 110 CHEMICAL POISONING 25ml $27.50
If pet is unwell or lethargic.
If you or your neighbours have been using any type of chemical sprays and their maybe possible poisoning - inhalant or ingesting toxins. Use this remedy now or after Vet diagnosis.

(for chronic chemical toxicities which pet has or may have come in contact with in the past)

- Toxins like poisonous insecticides (i.e. mange treatments like ... Ivermextin solution, Revolution, Grisovin, Conofite creams, Pyohex wash, and other insecticide drugs like Heartworm drugs), garden pesticides sprays, chemical poisons (i.e carpet cleaning other cleaning agents) of any kind. - Plumbum Comp, Acid Nit Comp, Allergy Balance.)

ACUTE chemical poisoning, if you found your pet unconscious or laboured breathing, having a fit, - immediately take your pet to the nearest Vet Clinic for emergency assistance, giving shock or rescue remedy every 5 minutes.

Use this remedy before and afterwards to detox the system properly.


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