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Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Grief and shock can be fatal for all animals, some more sensitive than others. Shock actually kills more animals than from the actual injury.

These Shock / Trauma / Bite ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS.


Highly recommended to have in your car and at home.
This homeopathic formula will assist in any type of severe present or past shock experiences.
Either brought on through physical pain and trauma as well as emotional trauma and stressful experiences.


AN # 31 INJURY HEALING 25ml $27.50
Ingredients: Hypericum, Bellis Pennis, Arnica, Rhus Tox, Ruta Grav, Ledum, Kali Carb 200C, SHOCK Formula 1M.

Works on muscles, nerves, ligaments, cartilage, wounds, all injuries, apoplexy, cerebral congestion, bruising, thrombosis and shock to the system, painful healing wounds, and abscess etc.


AN # 32 PAIN Ease 25ml $27.50

1. Pain Ease
To help ease discomfort from any type of physical trauma to the body.


AN # 130 RESCUE REMEDY - Bach flowers 20ml $33.00

For humans and ALL Species and WILDLIFE
Use for any type of shock or stress. Through injury or attack or traumas.
Revive reptiles and birds that are in shock - due to shock or stress.
(Just put a couple of drops on body or head or drinking water)

Give drops every 5 minutes for 3 in total is all that is normally needed to bring about wellbeing from shock and stress.

This remedy can save you and your pet's life from dying just from shock alone!

The majority of deaths are not caused from the physical injuries, but die from shock.

*** Always have a bottle at home, in the car and on holidays.


AN # 131 HERBAL HEAL CREAM 120ML $16.50
All purpose healing cream. (med size jar)
Fast wound healing, bleeding, infection, pain, bruising.


AN # 116 DOGS FEARFUL OF MEN (only) 25ml $27.50
To help resolve mistrust and fear in a dog or horse. We find this is common problem in previously abused dogs.

The fear is usually with males only.

As most often it was men or boys who had been the aggressor towards these dogs and puppies.


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