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Rodent Ulcers

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Early treatment of eosinophilic ulcer in cats will assist the patient in healing quickly with a minimum of tissue destruction and scarring. The longer the condition persists the more damage is done to the tissues. Some damage, as with eosinophilic ulcer, will be permanent if not treated homoeopathically.

With conventional drug approach eosinophilic ulcer in cats often will reoccur. Usually prescribed would be low dose administration of cortisone or synthetic cortisone such as Dexamethasone to try and alleviate the severity of the ulcerative process. Some need to be treated for a short period of time every three or four months to keep the ulceration from becoming a problem for the cat.

The Holistic approach we provide or use is natural treatment such as homeopathic medicines along with changing from a commercial (artificial) diet to a home prepared raw food diet will hugely benefit the healing response and maintain optimum health thereafter. Providing a great and permanent healing protocol. You will also find that once treated homoeopathically there will be no more re-occurrence of the ulcers.

Using only natural products for all conditions in the future will also put less stress on body because you are not bombarding the body with an overload of poisons and toxic chemicals.

These Rodent Ulcers ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Feline's

AN # 201 RODENT MOUTH ULCERS 25ml $49.50

Eosinophilic Granuloma Sarcode 6C,1M (rodent ulcers)
(easy application - 2 tiny pills dissolved in some (filtered) water and several drops given orally, or given in daily meals).

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