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Pyometra (uterus infection)

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013

The term means pus in the uterus.

Any time a veterinarian is presented with a dog or cat suffering from pyometra the condition is considered serious and immediate surgery is nearly always indicated if not treated immediately with a strong herbal antibiotic and homeopathic mucous clearance remedies.

This pus formation in the uterus results from infection, hormone imbalance or mucous build up inside the uterus.

Most dogs and cats suffering from pyometra are presented because of loss of energy, increased thirst and poor appetite. Plus a good tip-off would be a foul smelling, purulent (means pus) vaginal discharge. Most of the cases of pyometra I've seen in dogs occurred about six weeks after the bitch's last heat cycle. They may not look it on the outside, but on the inside these dogs are really sick!

If that swollen, enlarged uterus happens to rupture internally, the dog will rapidly go into endotoxic shock and whatever the veterinarian does may not be enough to save the dog.

For whatever reason, if your female dog or cat hasn't been spayed be alert for pyometra.

The condition is more probable in females eight years or older and who experience infrequent or irregular heat cycles or episodes of false pregnancy.

Poor appetite, increased thirst, poor stamina and vaginal discharge are cardinal signs. And some patients' white blood cell count can go from a normal of 9,000 all the way up to 75,000. X-rays often reveal two large sausage-like structures in the abdomen. It's time for surgery or URGENT herbal Antibiotics and uterus homeopathic balancer.

These Pyometra (uterus infection) ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS.


AN # 65 PYOMETRA INFECTION (Uterus Infection in Bitches) Set of 3
This kit can be purchased from the Online Store available under Infections sub-catergory of homepathics.

•Uterus infection for urgent healing attention for all species
•Natural fast acting antibiotic herbal relief.
•Quick drawing out of ALL infection, pus within the body.
•Rebalance the system from trauma and damages.

These natural homeopathic and herbal remedies that Diana has put together will first cleanse the system and then heals the infection safely and completely without any further problems. Herbal antibiotic is also provided which works on quickly cleansing the blood of infection thus stopping the infection spreading and poisioning the body.  These drops are added to some food and hand feed the drops before giving a full meal. Must start treating as soon as possible  as the infection if not treated, can threaten your animal's life. Signs of advanced infection is listless, Vet may suggest the need for emergency hysterectomy, if animal/pet is not old or too weak. However using these formula's will quickly stop further infection as well as using the drawing formula will help release all gunk and infection that must come out.  This formula works within days if give drops of at least 6 six times a day to start with.

Set of 3

1.   Pyometra Relief   25ml   
Contains custom made homeopathic blend of Pyrog, Puls, lach, 30C, Echinacea, Hydrastis 10M.
For young or mature female animals.

2.   Sepsis Relief    50ml              
Contains herbal liquid extract  with combined nosodes : Echinacea, Garlic, Red Clover, Burdock, Rosehips, Goldenseal, Strep bacteria Nosode.
Fast acting Antibiotics.  Once healed best advise is to sterilize to prevent repeat problems. Can mix 20 drops into some (best to use goats) yogurt and oral syringe side of mouth, four times a day for 4 days, then reduce frequency on improvement.

3.  Drawing Out     25ml
Contains homeopathic formula: Hepar Sulp (6X), GunPowder Nosode (200C), Mys Seb, Silcea, (6X), GunPowder Nosode (CM). Quickly draws out ALL infection in body.  It is important to get all of this out and this can be done within days of starting this formula. 

You will see a huge difference in wellbeing once this remedy has been started, in conjunction with the others.

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