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Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

The pancreas is a key organ in two very important bodily functions—the digestive process and the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. The pancreas is responsible for producing our digestive enzymes and insulin. Many people have exhausted their pancreas by working it too hard while denying it the proper nourishment to do the job. This often leads to digestive disorders, hypoglycemia, diabetes or both. The problem centres in the digestive tract, with a focus in the pancreas. Frequent attacks of pancreatitis can finally result in a lack of insulin, leading to diabetes. Prevention consists partly of a properly balanced natural diet coupled with regular and adequate exercise (Is very important) Exercise IS important because it improves digestion and peristaltic movements of the intestinal tract, thus regulating the bowels and keeping this part of the body preventively more healthy.

The Annual Dog Vaccines are not advisable as this will only further weaken the immune system with possible precipitating an immune-mediated crisis. The Alternative Oral Canine Nosode Immunisation is advisable as a good safe alternative.

Puppies/small dogs: Feed 4 or 5 small meals, rather than one or two large ones.

Adult dogs:Feed 3 small meals.

These Pancreatitis ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Canine's

For assisting in the digestion and assimilation of enzymes and fats through the pancreas. DIET SHEET GUIDE IS ALSO INCLUDED.
Formula 1. PANCREAS FORMULA 50ml
(Cineraria 6c, Cobaltum nit 5x, Iris Vers 5X, Juglans reg 3x, Kali Carb 5X, Manganum acet 4c, Phosphoric acid 5x, Syzygium jamb 3c, Uranium nit 3c., Pancreatin enzyme 30C)
Formula 2 ACUTE (ATTACKS) Pancreatitis treatment Pills 25ml

Total organ support balancing energy for male and female.
Dose: 3 x daily for 1 month or as needed.
Female & Male Organ remedies: ovary, uterus, vulva, testes, 12 Schussler Cell Salts; organ remedies: pepsinum, lymph nodes, lymph, joint hip, shoulder, diaphram, connecting cartilage, cornea, cortex adrenal, ligament, blood, aorta,, respiratory, cardiovascular, middle ear, urinary, immune, endocrine, musculoskeletal, joints, nerves, Lymph

AN # 114 META B Complex 60 tabs
SPECIAL needs of certain Dog Breeds.
** German Shepards, Labrador, Retrievers, Boxers, Bull Terriers, New Foundlands and many of the working and herding dogs require a diet that is more acid based. If you have one of these breeds or crossed breeds, then add Amino Acid Complex tablets to the morning meal. One indication of a need for this adjustment is a dog that has dark-brown to black discharge in his ears, cycstitis or urinary bladder infections, poor pigmentation, hair coat and skin eruptions and an alkaline reading of his urine. Buy from chemist pH test strip, If you want to test your dog's urine. Do this first thing in the morning. It should read between 6.2 to 6.5. If it is a number greater than 7, then definitely add the amino acid complex tablets daily.
We suggest the Meta B tablets which has the B complex and amino acids supplement all in one.
** Dalmations, West Highland White terriers and some Bedlinngton Terriers represent a special challenge. Since these breed dogs are unable to deal with the NITROGEN WASTE associated with high amounts of animal protein in their diets, or cannot eliminate some metals from their systems which are present in tin food, tap water, drugs. These breeds do not tolerate Beef products which have a high nitrogen waste: so, you need to rotate animal proteins that have a low nitrogen waste such as chicken, fish, yoghurt, cottage cheese, and egg yolks. Adding (META B Complex) Amino Acid complex in their morning meals, and B complex tablets (crushed) am and pm meals, plus ¼ to 1/2 teaspoon of Ester C powder or 1 tspn of Calcium Ascorbate powder, so they can utilize the protein.
Excellent and Highly recommended for PANCREATIC or DIABETIC animals, ELDERELY, pets that are always hungry, overeating & fat, or unable to gain weight. Animals that are unusually small. Unhealthy puppies or kittens. Unhealthy adult pets, or any pet that is over eight years of age will need enzyme assistance so they stay young and healthy.

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