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Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

With animals it is hard to know to what degree are they dealing with in regards to pain. Most often we rely on what the Vet may think (which may not be that accurate) or we ourselves notice the change in body language and behaviours.

It is good to feel and know that we could at least give our pets a natural form of pain relief. As a preventative or if we know that the condition they are going through is painful.

We could use this remedy for any pain after surgery procedures. Minor or major.

Most often we can also give other specific remedies targeting certain areas of the body.

ie Hypericum 1M (nerve pain and nerve repair, spine damage etc)

Ledum 1M ( for puncture wounds, needles and tetanus prevention, infection)

Staphy 1M ( for surgery to the stomach, sterilization for the female pets)

... and many others for parts of the body that prevent infection and reduce pain with speedy recovery.

I quite often use the Pain formula as a all round general relief as well as specific healing remedies according to what part of the body had been hurt or damaged.



AN # 32 PAIN Ease 25ml $27.50

1. Pain Ease
To help ease discomfort from any type of physical trauma to the body.


Highly recommended to have in your car and at home.
This homeopathic formula will assist in any type of severe present or past shock experiences.
Either brought on through physical pain and trauma as well as emotional trauma and stressful experiences.


AN # 69 STING & BITE (allergy / shock reaction to any type of insect / animal bite) 25 ml $33.00
Use for any type of stings or animal Bites.
This natural remedy will release past or present: shock, venom infection, pain and swelling. Shock stays in the system and needs to be healed this is why it is important to still use this remedy no matter how long ago your pet was bitten. ie snake, wasp, Bee, house spider, wasp, flea, mosquito, house fly, white tail spider, tick bite.

Sting & Bite 10M (25ml)
Contains: Warledum,(bite wound) Apis Mel (swelling & Bee bite allergen), Aconite(shock/pain) ledum (natural antibiotic puncture wound bite) plus the Nosodes of the common Spider, wasp, flea, tick, bee, mosquito(culex), fly, white tail spider.

Prevention: Of acute allergy reaction to any of the above, we recommend one dose per year. Treatment: One dose, given every 5 minutes, for 3 treatments.

Previous bites and stings, no matter how long ago she/he was stung or bitten, they will still need to have this remedy to clear the system of past reaction and venoms in the system.
Use once daily for 4 days this will rid past residue in the system and repair immunity and strengthen.

NOTE: Snake bites to antidote venom, injectable or oral Vit C has been very effective, especially for people living in rural areas.
- HORSE/COW approx. inject 20ml every 1/2 hr (or ORAL Vit C powder, 3-4 TBS every 15 min)
- DOG approx. inject 15ml every 1/2 hour(or ORAL vit C powder, 1 TBS every 15 min)
- CAT/small Dog approx. inject 8ml-10ml every 1/2 hr (or ORAL Vit c powder 2 tspn every 15 min)
If you have Vit C crystals( can dissolve them in warm water and syringe in side of mouth) If you have Vit C tablets, then crush tabs well and give orally straight or mix with some goats milk or filtered water etc.


AN # 157 STERILIZATION Support 25ml $27.50
1. SterilHeal 25ml
This remedy is excellent for fast healing, pain and prevention of infections.
Especially suitable for female animals that have a bigger operation than the males species.


AN # 12 TOOTH - EXTRACTION HEALING Set of 2 $44.00
Cats that are over the age of 8 years or older will need special care to lesson the high risk of toxic over load to the Liver and kidneys from the chemical anaesthetic and antibiotics. Many cats don't pick up after this procedure. It is important to prevent this happening.

1. Tooth Extraction Healing Remedy.
2. Anaesthetic Detox drops.

NOTE : Insist that your pet has Sub-Q fluids before or during extraction. As the anaesthetic is highly toxic, many older or diseasd pets fail to properly recover after the extractions.
*Very important for any cat over 8 yrs of age or chronic kidney disease or other degenerative illness* 


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