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Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Treats Demodectic and Sarcotic or the Otodectic Mange (more common in cats)

This very effective as well as Safe non toxic mange treatment - for med to large pets a herbal Rinse. ie horse, dog, humans, and other mammals.

You will also receive the recommend immune building diet suggestions and vitamin therapy.

Its properties are useful in all sorts of cleansing programs, especially in expelling parasites.

Beside the Herbal parasite Mange set treatment the other products below are also helpful in boosting the immune system but not essential for ridding mange.



AN # 52 MANGE TREATMENT Kit Set of 3 $132.00

1. Skin Rinse (1:2 Herbal liquid Extract.- 500ml)
2. Internal Blood cleanser (Working on the skin, mites nosode immunity and blood cleanser)

3. Immune Support

Natural non toxic treatment for ALL Mange type infections.
ie. Puppies mange as well as the Adult mange, used for wildlife, ie wombats and any other small or large animal.

Effective treatment without poisoning your animal/pet blood to kill off the parasites.


AN # 120 ESTER C VITAMIN 250gm Powder $53.90
Fortified Vitamin C which is essential for the aid of healing and promotion of good health.
We highly recommend the Ester C supplement for any type of bone joint problem like arthritic, hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis ...
Dogs that have any type of skin allergies, including all cancer patients.
However Vit C is also used daily in small doses as a general antioxidant protector and healer, adding 1/4 tspn daily in meals.


AN # 122 PROBIOITC - FLORA RESTORE 100ml $31.90

It has Acidophilus, Bifidus and the Bulgaricus, which means it has the three main types many animals and people may need. Probiotic bacteria may assist in gut mucosal barrier functions, which can provide relief from the symptoms of food allergies such as intestinal inflammation.
It also alters the gut flora composition in favour of bifido bacteria, which are the good guys.
IS A MUST FOR ANY PET who have had the chemical Antibiotics in the past or present.

PROBIOTIC - FLORA RESTORE 100ml Pills / 100ml liquid
INGREDIENTS: Nosodes Bacillus no 7, Candida Alb, Dysentery Co, Gaertner (bach) Giardia, Helicobacter pylori, Morgan(bach), Proteus(bach) Lactobacill Acid, Colostrum, Bifidobacter Adolescentis, alfalfa, 4C,30C.


AN # 42 CLEANSING Body Mix 25ml $27.50
This one is excellent for humans and ALL pets.

This remedy is portals cleanse, elimination. Specific for cleansing and clearing the system which has become overloaded from over prescribed drugs that are often used to treat skin and ear problems allopathically along with poor diet and other chemical drugs along the way.

- Cleanses body for antidoting allopathic drugs, chemicals and insecticides. ie Histamines, prednisolne, antibiotics, cortisones, heartworm prevention.


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