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Lung - Wheezing

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Lung - Wheezing

Natural and safe treatments that are sutiable for all species and humans.
If the condition is a symptom due to a illness or disease, i.e lung cancer, pneumonia, then go to the products for this or consult with Diana through the on-line consultation form for individual healing medicines and advice.


These Lung - Wheezing ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Canine's

AN # 24 RESPRA - AID (Asthma / bronchi / Lungs) 5Oml
Bottle 1. Repra -Aid
Natural and gentle formula to help quickly stop felines and canines from anytype of wheezing, CHRONIC or ACUTE ASTHMA, coughs, other breathing disorders of perhaps allergy sufferers. * For Humans and ALL species.

AN # 23 DURA - AID (Lung Congestion / dropsy) 50ml
A NATURAL and wonderful DIURETIC to help give relief from symptoms of any type of lung congestion. ie Heart and Kidney failure patients. (for..HORSE, CAT, DOG, HUMANS)

Also can be used as a natural diuretic for your pet in cases of heart insufficiency causing fluids on the lungs.

If your pet is on chemical diuretic, then will need to restore the loss of potassium in body. - Suggest giving Organic Apple Cidar Vinegar in daily meals. Try this product and see how well and effective it works compared to the drug.

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