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Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Safe, and effective, as well as being a Natural Remedy.

Stimulates red blood cells including better liver function.
Silymarin helps to treat cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, fatty infiltration of the liver and inflammation of the bile duct.

The liver detoxifies blood and performs many vital functions. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is native to warm, dry areas in southern Europe and northern Africa, and has been used as food in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. Milk thistle has been used for liver problems for over 2,000 years. In 1960, scientists in Germany identified a group of active ingredients collectively called silymarin (silybinin, isosilybinin, silychristin, and silydianin, etc) from milk thistle, mainly from the seeds.

Silymarin in the milk thistle extract is known to protect the liver by strengthening the outer membranes of liver cells, which prevents toxins from entering the cells. Silymarin also stimulates protein synthesis in liver cells, which helps to regenerate and repair the liver.

The liver is our first line of defence against toxins and cancer. It filters almost two quarts of blood every minute.

Since the introduction of chemicals and preservatives in our food, insecticide drugs (ie chemical heartworm, wormer, flea, mange treatment) pesticide spraying, prescription drugs included it has increased the demand on the liver to detoxify the body.

Hepatitis is on the increase, along with other liver problems.

Liver Detox Support Formula provides excellent support for the liver for all species and humans.

These Liver / Jaundice / Hepatitis ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Canines.


AN # 88 LIVER HERBAL TONIC 200 ML $38.50
For any animal that has had past or present drug treatment, or chemical pet products, anaesthetics, heartworm drug and wormers. All these drugs affect and damage the liver of the animal.
The Liver is the first organ that is damaged from synthetic medication. Liver repair and tonic goes into the pet's food daily for min of 4 months. Or if continuing on drugs, continue to protect the Liver with the herbs.


AN # 37 HEPATITIS LIVER 25ml $27.50

1. Hepatitis Liver
(Organ remedies: Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Gall Bladder. Lymph, Nux Vomica, Podophyllum, Chelidonium Majus, Flor Di Piedro 3X.(chemical detox)

For improving the health of the liver and related organ systems to the liver for all species.



AN # 36 LIVER DETOX & REPAIR 25ML $33.00
Contains: St.Mary's Thistle, Chelidoniium, china, lycopodium, mercurius,Carduss Maj 6x, phosph, kali car 6X, nux vom 6C

Excellent remedy for animals and humans who have had drugs and chemical foods, as well as high liver enzyme reading and drug damages.

Liver Disease

e.g. drug heartworm, wormers, vaccines, anaesthetics, chemical processed foods.


Cancer begins from a weakened or damaged LIVER

If your Pet has CATARACTS, they too need to repair the liver to clear the retina.
Cancer pet patients, as well as pet's who have had a history of drug treatment for skin allergies and ear infections etc also need this remedy.


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