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Intestinal Worms

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Worms can also cause constipation

* Roundworms : Known to cause diarrhoea, constipation, anaemia, potbellies and poor health. They are present in the intestines and feed on digested food.
* Whipworms and Threadworms : Though fairly rare, can cause diarrhoea, loss of weight or anaemia. Whipworms burrow in the large intestine; threadworms in the small. They can cause internal bleeding.
* Hookworms : Cause bloody diarrhoea, weakness and anaemia. Enter through the mouth or the skin and migrate to the small intestine.
* Tapeworms : Look like small rice grains and can cause irritation around the anus. Found in both the intestines and feed on digested food. Fleas transmit them, thus if your cat has or had fleas, the chances of him getting tapeworms increase considerably.
* Flukes : Cause digestive upsets, jaundice, diarrhoea or anaemia. They are found in the small intestine, pancreas and bile ducts.

Our all multi wormer for all small animals that gently expel all of the above.

These Intestinal Worms ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Canines.


AN # 225 HerbaWORM 200ml $53.90

1. HerbaWORM (Intestinal Parasite herbal formula)
(Herbal combination parasite detox combined with worm nosodes 6C,30X)
* Add drops to meals. Full Instructions provided. *NOT SUITABLE FOR HORSES


AN # 152 Complete Herbal Cleanse 25ml $27.50

Compleat Herbal Cleanse of
Parasites, Giardia, Yeast, Bacteria, Virus and Mucus.



AN # 49 PARAEXPLEX (New Improved LARGER Multi-Wormer) 50ml $44.00

Natural and effective intestinal wormer.
Contains: Pumpkin seed, Cup Oxy, Fluke worms nosodes, Wormwood, Lactobacillus Acid, Lactobacillus Casei, Bifidobacterium, Capillaria Bre 10M, Torreyae Sem (grandis) oriental herb that kills all parasites, Amoeba Hepar (detox) 10M, Granatum (tapeworms), Kamala (tapeworm & roundworm), chenopodium Anth (roundworm, hookworm),Teucrium Mar (threadworm) itchy in the anus symptoms, cina (roundworm and pinworm), Nux Vom (worms, especially trichinaem tape and flukeworms) Nat Phos - to help with the acid-alkaline balance if out, as the body becomes open to worms.

Lack of Nat Phos, the body keeps inviting them.

EASY APPLICATIONS For all ages and sizes. Sprinkle tiny (non tasting) grains into daily meals am and pm for 2 weeks.
If persistent infestation, give once daily for a month longer. Repeat 3 x yearly.


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