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Internal Ulcers

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Internal Ulcers
Safe, and effective, as well as being a Natural Remedy for fast healing.

These Internal Ulcers ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Canine's

Natural and safe treatment.
Healing of the DUODENAL, OSEOPHOGUS or STOMACH ulcers.
If your pet has chronic vomiting, and Vet does not know why this is happening. You can safely try healing internal problems without causing anymore stress.

AN # 118 SCOURING / STOMACH ULCER (Slippery Elm Powder) 50g
Scouring treatment for Kangaroos, foals, calves, and adult animals.
Slippery Elm Powder is used for inflammation of intestines, internal membrame anywhere in the body, ulcers, and stopping diarhea and scouring in young calfs, yearlings and joeys.
It is often used as a nutrtional supplement as well, when eating solids is not possible. Always add filtered water to the powder and make a runny liquid paste, syringe and give orally.
Slippery Elm powder mix is also highly nutrious and is often used as a liquid supplement for converlesant animals


It has Acidophilus, Bifidus and the Bulgaricus, which means it has the three main types many animals and people may need. Probiotic bacteria may assist in gut mucosal barrier functions, which can provide relief from the symptoms of food allergies such as intestinal inflammation.
It also alters the gut flora composition in favour of bifidobacteria, which are the good guys.
IS A MUST FOR ANY PET who have had the chemical Antibiotics in the past or present.

PROBIOTIC - FLORA RESTORE 100ml Pills / 100ml liquid
INGREDIANTS: Nosodes Bacillus no 7, Candida Alb, Dysentry Co, Gaertner (bach) Giardia, Helicobacter pylori, Morgan(bach), Proteus(bach)Lactobacill Acid, Colostrum, Bifidobacter Adolescentis, alfalfa, 4C,30C.


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