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Posted on Tuesday, April 3, 2007

This safe and natural HEART WORM formula IS safe and effectively proven. Will gently help INHIBIT heartworm or also can be used to TREAT heartworm positive Pets of all dogs breeds and age, gently and effectively.

The HERBAL Heartworm prevention and HOMEOPATHIC HEARTWORM nosodes ARE Combined into this special formula for pets. This will ensure that your pet will be Heartworm free.

Heartworm positive dogs, can also be given this therapy - acute or chronic conditions, the very old or very young, it is completely safe and effective.

However the dosages would be more intense for the 2 - 3 months of treatment.

*Don't ever feel, believe or be told that your dog is TOO unwell or TOO old to be treated TO rid Heartworm - using Natural gentle treatment therapy.

Works well for ALL cases, no side affects, no expensive shots of painful arsenic poisons.

Frequently asked Questions

Q. How safe is the black walnut hull and other herbal formula's?
The herbal substances are natural forms of medicines, they do not contain any type of harmful poisons or toxins, therefore prescribed doses off and on during the year are safe. Unlike the heartworm drugs, that have caused many acute and chronic side affects - as the drugs are a chemical poisons that are designed to poison the dog's blood and kill any parasites. But this (now poisoned) blood is filtered through the whole system and all major organs.

Q. Is it safe for all breeds? 

The Herbal and Homeopathic heartworm nosode are both completely safe for all ages and all breeds.
The products enhance the immune system and general health, does not cause harm or add toxins to the body.

Q. Should they be tested before using it?
If your pet has never been tested for heartworm before, you can safely go straight onto the natural alternative heartworm treatment prevention formula's.

My dog has been diagnosed with Heartworm, but my Vet warned me that my dog may not live through the treatment as the drug treatment is dangerous because of the high amount of chemical poison they put into to treat them.
Can I use the Herbal heartworm treatment instead for treatment for our Heartworm positive dog and without any side affects?
Yes, it is very safe, gentle and effective alternative treatment. A number of Animal health practitioners and holistic Vet clinics all around the world have done their own clinical trails. Including Dr.Roxanna V.Knight DVM who runs a non profit dog rescues clinic, also treats many of her dogs who tested Heartworm positive with our Herbal and homeopathic nosodes rather than the toxic drug injections. With great success!
Hundreds of dogs young or old, serious and acute cases have been completely healed with this herb.

The treatment is gentle enough that fear of it having a embolism does not happen, which is what makes it so much less dangerous than the conventional high toxic over dosing to kill them all at once treatments. Needless to say, it is not as agonizingly painful as the conventional 1M injections. It is often seen after the conventional shots dogs go into some sort of shock, huddle up in a corner of the room and do not move or eat for days. This is such a sad thing to see these beautiful animals in such a state.

Animal size - Heartworm Free (200ml) No 177
Small animals - 5 drops *5 drops daily will last 13 months. (200ml)
small /med - 10 drops *1ml (10 drops) daily will last 6 months (200ml bottle)
Med/Large - 20 drops *2ml (20 drops) daily will last 3 months (200ml bottle)

Heart Worm Prevention:
Once daily in food during the high mosquito season of the year.
Or 3 x times weekly all year round if you live in high risk area all year round.
(.i.e. 200ml Med/Lge Pet * 20 drops 3 x weekly will last for 8 months)

Heart Worm Treatment:
Twice daily in meals for 3 months (or longer until titer tests come back negative)

These Heart Worm ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Canine's


Dr.Dodd DVM says, prevention is always the best cure but the drugs that are given for Heartworm preventative are almost as bad as the Parasite itself. Think about it, giving the insecticide Heartworm drug to a dog to poison his blood to kill any microfilaria that may be deposited by an infected mosquito is poisoned blood! That toxic blood touches every organ in the body.


AN # 177 Heart WORM Formula (Prevention & Treatment) 200ML

Ing: Herbal Concentrate of Black Walnut Hull, Hawthorn Berries, Heartworm Nosode, Arsenicum Album 6C, 30C, 200C

Drops are added to meals.

Prevention and/or treatment of Heartworm.

Prevention: One bottle will be enough to use on 1 med/Lge dog for 4 months per year, during high mosquito season.
If needing to give all your round - 3 x weekly for 12 months you will need two(2) bottles.
Treatment: (Med/Lge dog) 2 - 3 months treatment with one 200ml for one dog. (which is normally all that is needed)

Shelf life is 7 years.



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