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Fungal/Yeast Skin Infections

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

When you have looked after pets for most of your life you will have likely experienced or dealt with a pet who may have a issue with some sort external parasites, fungal / yeast forms that produce Ringworm skin dermatitis with Trichophyton and Microsporum Sp. External fungi that can go internal are Sporotrichosis, Cryptococcosis, Mycotic Granulomas, generalized Aspergillus mycosis, Candida albicans infections of the mucous membranes of the organs in the gastro-intestinal, respiratory, genital system and mammary glands. Blastomycosis abscesses in lungs, skin and other organs.

Conventioanl Veterinary Treatment is by application of types of "anti parasitic" deworming drugs, and oral and topical subcutaneous pesticides and fungicides such as:
Griseofulvicin, Heartguard, Frontline, Advantage, Mitaban skin dips. Unfortunately these are very toxic chemicals and with time produce all kinds of pathologies in the organ systems.

Most often the main cause of yeast infections, such as Candida Albicans, is from grain-based foods (found in all commercial foods- dry and wet) high contributing factors are the use and administrations of antibiotics. In which these days are very commonly over prescribed in Veterinary medicines and Doctor's surgery.

We also find many other fungal infections, like Dogs and cats were never meant to eat grains.
Their main diet in the wild is raw meat and vegetation. The only grains they ever get are already predigested in the stomach or the bowels of their prey.

Cooked foods anything in a can or a bag, vaccines which compromise and destroy the natural immune system, and antibiotics which kill the friendly bacteria which would ordinarily fight and overwhelm the yeast, any other drugs are all additional reasons for seeing such a preponderance of yeast infections.

Yeast infections seem to be one the most under-diagnosed illnesses in the veterinary field.

Symptoms include chronic ear infections; incessant licking of the genitals or the paws or both, lick granulomas, habitual scratching, usually the ears, sides of the torso and underbelly, rashes, most often on the underbelly, and when the yeast begins to move into the head; loss of hearing, loss of eyesight; loss of intelligence, memory and comprehension.

Yeast infections always start somewhere in the digestive system, which we call a systemic yeast immune weakness, then the infection will move to the genital area, on to the ears; then finally to the brain, taking over the entire body.

It is insidious. Very often these problems are treated only with antibiotics or steroids, which only make matters worse.
Immediately you need to switch over to a home prepared diet of raw meat, vegetables, with supplementations of things like Kelp, dolomite and Ester C powder which will help to provide a healthy diet for him to be able to resist the yeast infection and the parasites.

To prevent this condition if not already a systemic condition, the use of Colliodal Silver added to their filtered water drinking bowel will assist in prevention. Candida fungal nosodes and descending potencies are also something that would be prescribed for your dog.

Other treatments can also be offered along with the nosodes and change of diet is apply our Fungal herbal solution rinse. Along with Probiotic treatment for rebalancing the gut flora.

Colostrum Supplement is also a excellent choice it
is effective against a number of microorganisms including E coli, streptococcus, salmonella, bordetella, respiratory viruses, including candida. Colostrum can also be used as a safe, effective alternative to antibiotics, steroids and vaccines.

During the time your dog is fighting this problem, do not feed anything that contains grains, dairy, fruits, rawhide, pigs ears, plastic or nylon bones, pressed treats or any type of dog biscuits.
Avoid all of these for good would be ideal.


AN # 208 FUNGI TREATMENT for dogs set 2

1. FungRid (25ml)
A combination of fungal nosodes of: Candida alb, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcus nosode, Aspergillus 30X, 200C, Probiotic formula.
(Clearing systemic fungal weakeness internally and rebalancing gut flora)

2. Fungal HERBAL Skin Rinse (ear drops) 500ml
Special 4 herbal blend concetrate.
Instructions supplied along with diet recommendation.

This herbal blend is a concentrate skin rinse, we suggest to diluted down with water and use a spray bottle to spray on affected areas. You can also use this natural formual as a fungal/yeast ear infection treatment.

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