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Feline & Canine Kit - Homeopathic Remedies

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Safe, and effective, as well as being a Natural Remedy.

Great for all pet owners who have multiple animals. Canine and felines.

Just the one kit will assist all your pets in the family.
An excellent kit for pet owners, as this is safe and natural. The homeopathic kit will last for several years, if kept out of direct sunlight and strong odours. Refills can be obtained at $10 each if needed.

Using natural products and medicines will in the long run save you many vet bills. Homeopathics heal and restore, as they have no side affects and therefore no organs are getting damaged, unlike chemical drugs.

Example: Heartworm, mange, flea and wormer drugs are all insecticide drugs that poison the pets blood. This blood goes through all the major organs.

Providing a long healthy life, along with a natural diet and your pup or dog will have very little health issues if any, later down the track.



(12 Remedies USA) (10 Remedies AUST)
1. Tick Bite Paralysis (for AUST only)
2. Lyme Tick nosode Prevention - HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS (for USA only)
2. Sting & Bite (any bite or sting pain or allergy reaction, infection and shock)
3. Injury Heal (surgery /shock /bleeding)
4. Heartworm Nosode prevention - HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS
5. Intestinal Multi-wormer (dog and cat, kitten, pup)
6. Liver Detox pills
(any pet that has had past / present drugs, anaesthetic, cortisones all damage and affect the LIVER)
7 Bladder/Cystitis Heal remedy
8 Calm Remedy pills (for any stressful situations, just anxious pet)
9. Cat Flu / URI / Calici / Herpes (treatment and prevention)
10. Canine Oral Nosodes (parvo /hepatitis/ /distemper / kennel Cough) HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS
(Canine Nosode Certificate Included)
11. Rabies Oral nosode - HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS
(help detox, and prevent negative side affects of vaccine) (for USA only)
12. Feline Oral nosodes-HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS
(Feline Leuk / Feline AIDS / Cat Flu / FIP / Enteritis)
(Feline Oral Nosode Certificate Included)
For Australian's will also receive a National list of Recommended Boarding Kennels that recognise Natural Oral nosode Immunizations.

*One homeopathic Canine and Feline Kit will treat MULTIPLE house hold of pets and keep potentized 4 - 5 years. Providing remedies are keep away from direct sunlight, microwaves, strong odours.
Also included natural dog and cat Diet sheets. Instruction leaflet for kit.


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