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Eye Disorders

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Eye Disorders

CATARACTS or other eye conditions can be treated quite successfully with homeopathic medicines, change of diet, detox and nutritional supplements.

The changes made will not only help strenghten and heal the eye disorder, you will see a change in overall health and emotional wellbeen change to the good as well.

We unfortunetly see so many animals who have been on a life time of junk artifical foods and over prescribe drugs.

So you can imagine how well these animals change and look now after getting all those toxins from the body.



These Eye Disorders ARE SUGGESTED TREATMENTS for Canine's

(Australian customers - all prices shown exclude GST)
AN # 76 EYE Cataract FORMULA Kit Set 3
Homeopathic remedy given for CATARACTS (young or old), Corneal Opacity, Equine "Moon Blindness' and 'Blue Eye" Syndrome' common in small animals, Glaucoma, muscular weakness, DRY EYE, P.R.A.(Progressive Retinal Atrophy - poodles) eye opacities thrombosis, degeneration of eye muscles.

Since allergic reactions following secondary infection or toxemia is suspected in these conditions.

0pacities in the lens is related to the Stomach energies, suggesting in this case also add digestive enzymes to daily meals.

HERBAL LIVER tonic (St.Mary's Thistle) med dog (2 caps of powder daily) is also recommended and added to daily meals. Opacities in the cornea is related to the Liver.

Bottle 1. EYE REMEDY. (25ml)
(Silicea, Naphthalinum, Phos, Nat Mur, Calc Flour, Thiosinaninum and EYE 200C Formula, (Arg Nit, Chelidonium, Euphrasia, Muscularm Onosmaodium, Phosphorus, Physostigma, Ruta Grav.)

Bottle 2. EYE VITAMIN Formula (50mL)
(Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, Oleum Jec. gingko biloba, eyebright herbs)
If there is no improvement in 3 months, there is a systemic cause.

Bottle 3. VISION 50M (for all eye conditions) (50ml)
prevent/treat blindness

Pill contains: Homeopathic combination of Arnica, Glycerium, Hammemelis, Phosphorus Symphytum, Organ -arteries, arteriloes, capillaries, viens, retina, optic, rods, retinere, macula lutia, choroid, connective tissue and collagen for structural and functional integrity.
3 x daily for 2 weeks, then 4 x weekly over a long period(6 mths if needed)
This remedy is used in conjunction with the above formula's.
Dosage Instructions included.



For any animal that has had past or present drug treatment, or chemical pet products, anesthetics, heartworm drug and wormers. All these drugs affect and damage the liver of the animal.
The Liver is the first organ that is damage from synthetic medication. Liver repair and tonic goes into the petís food daily for min of 4 months. Or if continuing on drugs, continue to protect the Liver with the herbs.



1. Conjunctivitus treatment 25ML
2. Eye O Rinse 5Oml liquid Bottle
Conjunctivitis Heal Remedy and Herbal Eye Wash Concentrate suitable or all species. Acute or Chronic. Fast and permanent healing.
Also used for kittens who have clamydia.



AN # 185 EYES - UVEITIS (Set of 3)

1. Acute - Uveitis Remedy (25ml)
Natural FAST ACTING remedy for ACUTE INFLAMMATION, and first stages of any type of disease which maybe the underlying cause.

2. General Uveitis Remedy (5oml)
Natural, effective fast healing of all parts of the eye and blood pressure of the retina, lens, and of Glaucoma conditions.
ALL SPECIES ... also treats (Equine Moon Blindness)

Bottle 2. Herbal Eye O Rinse (50ml)


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