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Elderly Pet Tonic

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Safe, and effective, as well as being a Natural Remedy. As a pet ages, which is usually seen around the age of 8 years old they will start to need extra nutrition added to their meals.

Cats and dogs are often seen at this age and onwards having a thyroid imbalance. Vets tend to over look this condition, as the symptoms of the imbalance can be change in behaviour as well a physical issues.
* You could request a thyroid test. Then go onto natural thyroid treatments..

The grey muzzle in dogs will not appear or will disappear if you double the amount of nutritional powder supplement and oils in daily meals.

Cats will need extra care with bladder and kidneys. Kidney disease is often seen with cats. To prevent early kidney damage, we need to avoid drugs, avoid artificial foods, feed home prepared meat diet to prevent bladder infections and toxins. On going balancing of the urinary tract as a pet ages is vital. We suggest the Herba Bladder drops to be added to daily meals for both dogs and cats, it is a wonderful natural herb that clears and prevents any bladder issues.

Secondly, a pet starts to loose their ability to rid toxins from body, the end result is arthritis and cataracts, and if continually given highly toxic drug products i.e. vaccines, heartworm, wormers etc this will further burden and damage major organs.

Then once the organs have been damaged, immunity destroyed we see cancer and other life threatening disease's appear very rapidly.

Please think about what we are doing to our pets body, and use non chemical alternative products and natural diet with plenty of supplements.

You will not only save yourself a lot of vet bills, but you will save your pet's quality of life and double your pet's life span.


Arthritis / Rheumatism Formula (50ml) $40.00

(Calc Phos, O.A.N. (OsteoArthritis Nosode) Aurem Met, Bryonia, Causticum, Colocynthis, Guaco, Ledum, Rhus Tox, Rumex Crisp, Lymph, Bone metabolism, OM3 - Stiffness. 200C)


Back Leg Weakness 25ml $25.00

Natural and safe treatment for all aged dogs, but especially for the older dogs who have trembling legs, rear legs weakness, or general weakness.

Usually when back muscles are weak, their bladder is also affected.
If this is the case also use Bladder Incontinence.


Cleansing Body (25ml) $25.00

This one is excellent for humans and all pets.

This remedy is portals cleanse, elimination. Specific for cleansing and clearing the system which has become overloaded from over prescribed drugs that are often used to treat skin and ear problems allopathically along with poor diet and other chemical drugs along the way.

- Cleanses body for antidoting allopathic drugs, chemicals and insecticides. ie Histamines, prednisolne, antibiotics, cortisones, heartworm prevention.


Heart Tonic (Herbal) 100ml $30.00

A Great Heart Tonic for all Heart Diseases. (humans and Pets)

Will not interfere with any other chemical heart drugs or medications.
Our Formula combines the peripheral-circulation-building benefits of ginkgo with the heart-strengthening and stabilizing properties of hawthorn into one for maximum circulatory support.
Scientific Support Ginkgo biloba contains flavonoid glycosides, proanthocyanidins, terpene derivatives and other active compounds. It has demonstrated antioxidant properties giving it the ability to quench free radicals.
Research indicates that ginkgo's circulatory-system benefits may result from this special ability. Randomized, double-blind clinical studies using standardized hawthorn berry extract show that hawthorn appears to increase the efficiency of nerve impulses in, and protect against oxygen deprivation of, the heart muscle.
Researchers in Germany conducted a randomized, controlled study and found that hawthorn extract can improve heart function in people suffering from chronic heart disease. Hawthorn patients also reported fewer overall symptoms, less fatigue and less shortness of breath.

* Can be taken long term in Homeopathic form (small animals) or in a Herbal extract liquid tonic (for humans/larger pets) which is added to daily meals.

Please state if treating SMALL Animals ie cat or rabbit etc - so we can supply in homeopathic form (tasteless) - All other animals can happily take herbs in meals.


Liver Detox & Repair (25ml) $30.00

1. Liver Detox Formula
Excellent remedy for animals and humans who have had drugs and chemical foods, as well as high liver enzyme reading and drug damage.

LIVER DISEASE e.g. drug heartworm, wormers, vaccines, anaesthetics, chemical processed foods.



If you Pet has CATARACTS, they too need to repair the liver to clear the retina.
Cancer pet patients, as well as pet's who have had a history of drug treatment for skin allergies and ear infections etc also need this remedy.


Meta B Complex 60 tabs $18.00

SPECIAL needs of certain Dog Breeds.
** German Shepherds, Labrador, Retrievers, Boxers, Bull Terriers, Newfoundlands and many of the working and herding dogs require a diet that is more acid based. If you have one of these breeds or crossed breeds, then add Amino Acid Complex tablets to the morning meal. One indication of a need for this adjustment is a dog that has dark-brown to black discharge in his ears, cystitis or urinary bladder infections, poor pigmentation, hair coat and skin eruptions and an alkaline reading of his urine. Buy from chemist pH test strip, If you want to test your dog’s urine. Do this first thing in the morning. It should read between 6.2 to 6.5. If it is a number greater than 7, then definitely add the amino acid complex tablets daily.
We suggest the Meta B tablets which have the B complex and amino acids supplement all in one.
** Dalmatians, West Highland White terriers and some Bedlington Terriers represent a special challenge. Since these breed of dogs are unable to deal with the NITROGEN WASTE associated with high amounts of animal protein in their diets, or cannot eliminate some metals from their systems which are present in tin food, tap water, drugs. These breeds do not tolerate Beef products which have a high nitrogen waste: so, you need to rotate animal proteins that have a low nitrogen waste such as chicken, fish, yoghurt, cottage cheese, and egg yolks. Adding (META B Complex) Amino Acid complex in their morning meals, and B complex tablets (crushed) am and pm meals, plus ¼ to 1/2 teaspoon of Ester C powder or 1 tspn of Calcium Ascorbate powder, so they can utilize the protein.
Excellent and Highly recommended for PANCREATIC or DIABETIC animals, ELDERLY, pets that are always hungry, overeating & fat, or unable to gain weight. Animals that are unusually small. Unhealthy puppies or kittens. Unhealthy adult pets, or any pet that is over eight years of age will need enzyme assistance so they stay young and healthy.


Vital Force Booster (50ml) Blood Tonic $30.00

1. Vital Force
For restoring blood cells we use: China, chininum Sulp, Cuprem Met, Phosp, Ferr Met (Iron), Nat Mur, Echinaces (white blood cells), Pancreatin, Ac.Phosphoric, AMEMIA STIMULANT 30C Formula.

This remedy is needed for Leukaemia, cancer, liver disorders, Feline virus, AIDS patients.
As it works on the red and white blood cells, Liver, spleen, pancreas, haemoglobin, eye (optic nerve), nervous system, lungs, metabolism. Needs to be taken for a month.

A good formula to be to used in conjunction with any other treatment formulas.
Or use on its own.


Leukaemia's are cancers or malignancies caused by the production of abnormal numbers and / or types of white blood cells.

The cause of most leukaemia's is not known. Radiation and drug exposure account for some cases, but the others have no known cause (idiopathic). die. caused by Vet / Doctor.

Reference: Current statistics and facts from the Office of Institutional Research Columbia University College of Health Science NY USA.


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