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Ear Infections/Mites/Deafness

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Safe and Natural healing treatments that heal and rid any type of ear infection.

Symptoms of pain, itchy, red and swollen or discharge/smelly can be evident, but not have all these symptoms.

When we use natural medicines to heal, we heal permanently and effectively.

Once this is done, the symptoms do not return. Providing you keep your animals on a healthy diet of real food of meat and veggies, and changing from toxic types of products to natural ones so we can continue to strengthen the immune system.

The ear remedy is also suitable for treating ear mites gently from kittens and cats.

For pets with premature deafness or old age deafness, the Ear Balance formula is ideal for both conditions.


AN # 30 Deafness or Ear Infection (50ml) $30.00

Safe and Natural formula for premature deafness, old age deafness or hereditary deafness, ear nerve disturbances, tinnitus, mastoid infections and pain.

IF INFECTION AND PAIN, ALSO USE "DRAWING" Our formula - Release infection and drain.


AN # 16 Drawing Formula (25ml) $30.00

Use this remedy for assisting in OPENING and DRAINING ABSCESSES

Any morbid matter to be pulled out of the body /toes / ear canal / tooth abscess, will react to this wonderful formula - be it mucus in the sinus, tonsils, ears, uterus or rectum. It works in draining fissures and putrid ulcers, no matter how long standing.

No need for vet assistance OR Lancing OR Antibiotics.

Instructions included for quick healing results.


AN # 97 Ear Infection (Otits media) Set of 3 $60.00

1. Ear Clear (25ml)
(Ingredients: teull, media otitis nosode, psorium nosode 200C)

2. Ear "O" Drops (50ml)
(Ingredients: goldenseal, organic apple cidar vinegar, Echinacea, thuja, ferr phos)

3. Drawing Out (25ml)
(combination homeopathic formula to assist in expelling gunk/pus/infection)
Especially needed for dogs will very narrow ear canals.

Excellent healing of infections of the middle ear in dogs and cats.
Effective, safe and permanent healing in the most difficult acute cases to the chronic persistence ear cases.
.. No more drugs, no more cleaning no threats to have ear canal surgery or cleaning.
Symptoms with or without discharge, red, inflamed ear canals.


AN # 96 Ear Wax 25ml $25.00

Homeopathic Ear Wax Remedy. Drops go on top of head. No stress no fuss.


AN # 95 EAR MITE Set of 2 $45.00

One Bottle of the EAR MITE Set will last several years and treat up to 10 Felines.
1. Ear O Drops (herbal) 50ML
2. Ear Mito (homeopathics) 25ML

Any parasite that can successfully live on the body must have a weak immune system.


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