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Dry Cough

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Natural healing remedy for deep lung or chest catarrh.

Most often if cough persists or is acute, there maybe a primary illness that has not been diagnosed from your Vet. ie Heart disease, fluid on the lungs, pleurisy/pneumonia, kennel cough, heartworm issues. For any other these issues please refer to the other natural medicine products on this list.

So please make sure we are addressing the issue, if it maybe more than just a cold.


AN # 129 Dry Cough 25ml (or Catarrh Congestion) $25.00

When animal has a dry cough that is not related to heart, flu or kennel cough.
Cough is like he is trying to bring something up.
Quite a few older dogs are treated with this natural remedy, without ever having to resort to chemical drugs.


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