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Dog Soaps - flea/allergies

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Natural Dog Soaps for gentle cleansing of skin. Smells so good! Your dog will love it. No more harsh chemicals shampoos or washes that cause irritations and stinging.

Essential Oil soaps are all natural so it suites the most sensitive skin dogs and puppies. Lathers up well so you and your dog enjoys the luxury of the bathing.


AN # 193 Dog Soap - Natural flea control soap $3.00

100 % pure Neem oil soap which is great natural insect repellent.
Help to rid fleas, sooth skin irritations and disorders, the safe and natural way without causing irritations and red skin from strong chemical bases ingredients.
Gentle and effective for the even most sensitive for ALL PETS. Also use in conjunction with the flea comb.


AN # 148 Neem Pet Flea Powder 140gm $9.00
All Species - Natural Herbal Pet Powder - A non insecticide alternative flea repellent.

*Also use in conjunction with the pet flea comb!


AN # 176 FLEA COMB ( de-flea naturally - all species) flea Comb $7.95
Safe and NON TOXIC way to easy DE-FLEA kittens, cats, puppies and (short haired) dogs. (dip the comb into a glass of hot water to kill the fleas straight away)
At the same time, also sprinkle BORAX Powder around the carpet of each room, leave for 10 minutes then vacuum up. (Lock pets out while doing the carpets).


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