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Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Safe, effective as well as being a Natural Remedy for stomach upset causing diarrhoea.

Also their is usually an underlying factor as to why this is occurring. Virus after vaccination side affects is a common issue seen with pet owners and dogs.

If diarrhoea persists and any vomiting, blood seen in stools and vomit, then this is more serious which you will need to contact your practitioner straight away for a consultation.

Also while waiting for help or remedies and diarrhoea is severe, buy a some Slippery Elm powder and mix a little with some filtered water to make a runny liquid paste. Then add to every meal given. Or syringe (with the needle) in the side of the mouth - every 2 to 4 hours. Until symptoms improve then stop or reduce. (Cats will only need 1/2 ml orally each time)


AN # 82 Diarrhoea Aid 25ml $25.00

For ACUTE or CHRONIC diarrhoea. (For ALL species)

(Aethusa, Aloe, Argent Nit, Bac Coli, Croton Tig, Kali Phos

*Horse give 3 tablespoons powder with water and mixed into a runny paste. Give orally once or twice daily as needed.
*Foals/calf - add 1 TBS in honey or water.
* Joey Infants - add 2 tspn of powder to liquid meals (special formula or goats milk)

Change diet to natural one. Diet sheet will be provided.
If vomiting as well, add the No# 83 COLITIS FORMULA alternating 3 x daily.


AN # 122 PROBIOITC - FLORA RESTORE 100ml $29.00

It has Acidophilus, Bifidus and the Bulgaricus, which means it has the three main types many animals and people may need. Probiotic bacteria may assist in gut mucosal barrier functions, which can provide relief from the symptoms of food allergies such as intestinal inflammation.
It also alters the gut flora composition in favour of bifidobacteria, which are the good guys.
IS A MUST FOR ANY PET who have had the chemical Antibiotics in the past or present.

PROBIOTIC - FLORA RESTORE 100ml Pills / 100ml liquid
INGREDIENTS: Nosodes Bacillus no 7, Candida Alb, Dysentery Co, Gaertner (bach) Giardia, Helicobacter pylori, Morgan(bach), Proteus(bach)Lactobacill Acid, Colostrum, Bifidobacter Adolescentis, alfalfa, 4C,30C.


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