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Cornea Ulcers

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Melting Ulcers, Conjunctivitis, Keratitis, Herpes Keratitis

Treating and healing eye conditions that associate symptoms of acute pain, inflammation, red swollen, conjunctivitis, cornea ulcers, melting ulcers, Indolent ulcers, herpes virus infection, Keratitis conjunctivitis.

All these issues are addressed with the Eye Rescue formula kit of 5.

These remedies have been tried and proven on cat and dogs and horses, before or while on drug/cortisone eye drops and antibiotics.

Symptoms are obvious. The cornea is intensely sensitive, so corneal ulcers normally produce severe pain.

If the corneal ulcer is centrally located, vision is impaired or completely absent. Tearing is present and the eye is red. It hurts to look at bright lights.

If your pet has been diagnosed with any of the above conditions, ACUTE OR CHRONIC and you need a fast action or further help after already using conventional therapies then we can help without using further toxic chemicals.

Any species can use this fast acting healing treatment.

No need for surgery to remove eye or surgical repair when using homeopathic remedies.


AN # 230 Eye Rescue (Set of 5) $165.00

Bottle 1. Eye RESCUE 25ml
Treating acute pain, inflammation, red swollen.
Ingredients: Optic Nerve sarcode, combine with other homeopathic treatments for nerve and headache pain.

Bottle 2. CORNEAULC treatment 25ml
Treatment for any ulcers or damages to the Cornea. herpes simplex, chlamydia. Also cornel opacity, melting ulcer, conjunctiva prevention and treatment.
Very fast and effective healing treatment.

Natural homeopathic infection treatment.
Herpes simplex nosode, Staphyococcus nosode, Strept Haem nosode, Penicilium 12C, Bartonelosis (bovine bacteria) Meningococcinum nosode, Anthracinum nosode 10M and others included.

Bottle 4. Herbal Eye O Rinse 50ml
(Herbal liquid Antibiotic - fungal, virus, bacteria drops)

Sachet 5. Eye Clear 50M
To clear scar tissue, opacity of cornea, calcareas deposits, reabsorbs fibrotic conditions.
This formula to be given orally at end of healing treatment when clear of infection and eye ball is healing.


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