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Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Most healthy cats poop once a day to every 3 days when they are on a raw meat diet. As long as the poop is soft but well-formed, and the cat doesn't strain, it's normal. (cats fed commercial foods poop daily due to lack of real food to utilise)

The every-other-day cats are not constipated, they just march to a different drummer.

On the other hand, if a cat produces hard, dry stool, like small brown pebbles, and may even cry out, then it is constipated.

Now let's talk about some possible causes. Cats that get hairballs often become constipated. Keep hairballs under control with regular grooming and the use of homeopathic hair ball remedies.

If your cat likes to eat paper, grass or other indigestible things like kitty litter, that, too, can plug up the plumbing. But not only this, your cat is telling you they are missing essential minerals and enzymes in their daily diet.

A diet low in fibre also binds the bowels. Cats typically eat a lower fibre commercial diet than dogs but are designed to ingest feathers, hair and skin from their prey, all sources of water-soluble fibre that keeps the faeces flowing.

Because cats are a desert animals by nature, they do not drink very often. If they do then this maybe a sign of kidney issues. Don't offer your cat dry biscuits as this can exacerbate their condition.

Feed a nutritional raw meat diet with a little fibre and vitamin and mineral supplements added.

Some cats will like to drink milk. So if you have catís that like milk, the best natural source of milk and calcium is goats milk. Always have fresh filtered water for them as well.

Constipation sometimes can be a problem of the mind. Some cats don't like to use dirty litter boxes and will hold it in rather than relieve themselves at the cost of soiling their paws.

Other cats may not feel comfortable using the litter box if there are strangers in the house or if the litter box has been moved recently. Unfortunately, it can be quite hard to turn the urge back on once the moment has passed.

Constipation also is more common in cats that are out of shape due to age or lack of exercise or hip injuries and rheumatism. Older cats may have flabby abdominal muscles that don't give the support needed to completely empty the colon.

The best preventive measures are having plenty of fresh drinking water available for your cat and feeding it a high-quality natural protein diet rich in fibre and perhaps add a couple of teaspoons of filtered water in daily meals. For some older cats, who are chronic, we can add some soaked oatbran to daily meals- approx teaspoon. Some people add a teaspoon of Olive oil as a natural lubricate.

Also it would be a good idea to worm your pet with a natural wormer.

If the condition is not relieved quickly, it can cause a serious lifelong disorder called "megacolon."

Our Constipation formula is a natural stimulate and aids expelsion within hours of applying the remedy.

Worms can also cause constipation

* Roundworms : Known to cause diarrhoea, constipation, anaemia, potbellies and poor health. They are present in the intestines and feed on digested food.
* Whipworms and Threadworms : Though fairly rare, can cause diarrhoea, loss of weight or anaemia. Whipworms burrow in the large intestine; threadworms in the small. They can cause internal bleeding.
* Hookworms : Cause bloody diarrhoea, weakness and anaemia. Enter through the mouth or the skin and migrate to the small intestine.
* Tapeworms : Look like small rice grains and can cause irritation around the anus. Found in both the intestines and feed on digested food. Fleas transmit them, thus if your cat has or had fleas, the chances of him getting tapeworms increase considerably.
* Flukes : Cause digestive upsets, jaundice, diarrhoea or anaemia. They are found in the small intestine, pancreas and bile ducts.

We will provide a natural diet sheet guide and other helpful information to promote good health without expensive vet bills.


AN # 17 Constipation Formula No. 1 $25.00


Can use this instead of enemas or just assisting in being more regular.

* Acute symptoms: 1 Dose - every hour for 4 in total.
* Chronic symptoms: 1 Dose - twice to three times weekly. or as needed.

Use the constipation remedy for acute assistant, or use a couple times a week for chronic patients.

( A cat usually has a motion every 3 to 4 days.) - Add a pinch of Oatbran that has been soaked in some filtered warm water, add a 1/4 tsp in meals daily for cats if needed to add more fibre to diet. - Add fibre to meals- eg. pinch of mulched carrots for cats is good.

- Dogs - can add some Virgin Olive Oil in daily meals for a week, then a couple times a week. - 1 tablespoon for dogs.
- Dogs - especially helpful is cooked mashed pumpkin daily in meals helps keep them regular.


AN # 18 CONSTIPATION N0.2 25ML $25.00
Use this one instead of enemas when having difficulty expelling stools when they do not appear to be hard or large difficult stools.
( A cat usually has a motion every 3 to 4 days.)

CAT - Add a pinch of Oat bran that has been soaked in some filtered warm water, add a 1/4 tsp in meals daily for cats if needed to add more fibre to diet. - Add fibre to meals- eg. pinch of mulched carrots.
DOG - can add some Virgin Olive Oil in daily meals for a week, then a couple times a week. - 1 tablespoon for dogs.


AN # 122 PROBIOITC - FLORA RESTORE 100ml $29.00

It has Acidophilus, Bifidus and the Bulgaricus, which means it has the three main types many animals and people may need. Probiotic bacteria may assist in gut mucosal barrier functions, which can provide relief from the symptoms of food allergies such as intestinal inflammation.
It also alters the gut flora composition in favour of bifidobacteria, which are the good guys.
IS A MUST FOR ANY PET who have had the chemical Antibiotics in the past or present.

PROBIOTIC - FLORA RESTORE 100ml Pills / 100ml liquid
INGREDIENTS: Nosodes Bacillus no 7, Candida Alb, Dysentery Co, Gaertner (bach) Giardia, Helicobacter pylori, Morgan(bach), Proteus(bach)Lactobacill Acid, Colostrum, Bifidobacter Adolescentis, alfalfa, 4C,30C.


AN # 120 ESTER C VITAMIN 250gm Powder $49.00
Fortified Vitamin C which is essential for the aid of healing and promotion of good health.
We highly recommend the Ester C supplement for any type of bone joint problem like arthritic, hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis ...
Dogs that have any type of skin allergies, including all cancer patients.
However Vit C is also used daily in small doses as a general antioxidant protector and healer, adding 1/4 tspn daily in meals.


AN # 107 CO - CLEANS 25 ml $26.00
Cleanse from mucus, virus, Guardia, wormer, parasite, yeast, bacteria.
Very effective HERBAL Formula for all animals. .
A general cleanse every 6 months is sufficient. If pet is sick OR with a disease/ Virus use once to 2 x daily. i.e. Feline AIDs, autoimmune disease, mange, heartworm healing, just rundown / unwell / not putting weight on etc.

Ingredient: Combination of herbal extracts, Golden Rod, Black Walnut, Slippery Elm, Burdock, Garlic, Wormwood, Yarrow, Fenugreek, Sage, Rue, Cloves.

For easier application we have potenized my special herbal formula to a homeopathic formula 1 X. Thus drops can be given orally or top of head.


AN # 200 Megacolon Aid (Set of 2) $50.00

Bottle 1. MEGACOLON AID (50 ml)
Product 2. Psyllium powder (natural fibre - water soluble) (100ml Bottle)

Helps repair, tone and strengthen the nerves, muscles, colon, large and small intestines, obstinate, obstruction, intestinal paralysis.
The Psyllium husks Powder is mixed with filtered water to make a runny loose liquid mix and then a little added to daily meals. This will help keep them regular - naturally.

* Safely and gently and effectively without side affects of any type of chemical drug.


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