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Colic (intestinal pain)

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Spasmodic colic is the most common type of colic.

In this colic the intestines become over active for some reason and it may even be possible to hear the increased rumbling from the abdomen.

This type of colic may be caused by changes to the diet, inadequate deworming, teeth problems or changes in exercise patterns.

While this colic can be very dramatic it can be resolved quickly with aid of the homeopathic Colic treatment. ie one dose every 5 mins. usually by the second dose the horse is feeling calm and relaxed again.

With chronic pain off and on we recommend using the pills in their drinking trough once a week. It is fine for others to share this drink trough also.

The next most common cause of colic is impactions of the large intestine. This is where the intestine gets blocked up with food material. Contributing factors for this to happen are sudden changes to the horses diet, reduction in exercise, maybe where a previously active horse has to be confined to the stable for box rest. Poor dental care, irregular feeding or where the horse suddenly starts to eat its bedding are other important factors. To avoid impactions always make sure feeding changes are made gradually and ensure horse has always access to plenty of fresh water. Colic emanating from the stomach is most commonly associated with ulcers or distension. Stomach distension can be very painful and may occur after a rapid and excessive feed of grass or concentrates. Ulcers are more common a problem of young stock especially foals. These can be quite painful and should always be considered as a cause of colic in young foals especially when they are suffering from other concurrent diseases such as scour for example. Displacement of the intestines within the abdomen is quite rare but this can occur when a part of the intestine becomes trapped in the wrong part of the abdomen. Mares after foaling can be at an increased risk of getting this type of colic. Frequently these colic's require surgical correction.
By far the most painful and dramatic of the colic types is when a part of the gut gets twisted. This is very serious and usually requires surgical correction relatively quickly to save them.
The remedies provided here work well and quickly in many acute and chronic colic conditions.


AN # 84 COLAID FORMULA 25ml $27.50

Quick effective relief of any type of Gastrointestinal pain (colic) in horses, dogs.

COLAID formula (25ml)
(Aco 200C, Cup Met 50MX, Bell 1M, Colch 30C, Mor Bal 30C, Col 1M, Nux V 30C, Ornit Um 30C, Organ remedies stomach, small intestines, colon).


AN # 130 RESCUE REMEDY - Bach flowers 20ml $33.00

For humans and ALL Species and WILDLIFE
Use for any type of shock or stress. Through injury or attack or traumas.
Revive reptiles and birds that are in shock - due to shock or stress.
(Just put a couple of drops on body or head or drinking water)

Give drops every 5 minutes for 3 in total is all that is normally needed to bring about wellbeing from shock and stress.

This remedy can save you and your pet's life from dying just from shock alone!

The majority of deaths are not caused from the physical injuries, but die from shock.

*** Always have a bottle at home, in the car and on holidays.


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