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Car Accident Damage

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bladder paralysis / spine and bladder nerve damage / bone damage / rectal prolapse / hip dislocation etc

If your pet has been in an accident, hit by a car, and rear end has been severely damage causing paralysis, prolapse effecting the rectum, bladder, joints, disc, hips, or tail damage etc.

ALL these conditions no matter how acute the damage sustained there IS a treatment and CAN be healed quickly if using the right homeopathic remedies.

Signs of improvement within the same week of using the homeopathic formula's are seen and will continue to improve each week, until their is no need for Vet assistance in expressing bladder. The remedies are then discontinued after 2 to 3 months.

It maybe all of these or some of these conditions maybe needing repair ie nerve damage, perforated disc, broken bone or tail, collapse rectum and bladder and intestinal paralysis.

Despite diagnosis
By using homeopathic remedies that work fast and directly to the areas that are damage, no matter how severe damage there is. Not only does the remedies repair and reduce pain, swelling and bleeding they also repair the damages very quickly
While you are treating your pet with the homeopathic formula's (drops on head) the Vet will assist in releasing the bladder by hand when needing to be emptied. This is painless. Usually it will need to be done every second day for about a week or so while nerves, bones and bladder heals.

The remedies are all given on body / top of head or orally. .. No fuss and no stress.

AN # 169 Car Accident Aid Kit (Set of 5) $166.00

Formula 1. Bladder and Intestinal paralysis / rectum prolapse repair
Formula 2. Sacral / lumbar / disc repair / bone mend /spine/ dislocation of joint or hips.
Formula 3. Nerve repair/pain relief 1M
Formula 4. Natural Antibiotic
Formula 5. Brain injury/concussion

Safe, effective and fast healing repair remedy. Suitable for ALL Species.

Homeopathic treatment once again comes up in the forefront for brilliant work within healing any type of injury to bladder, rectum, bones and nerves, which cause prolapse and paralysis.

You will need to have the bladder gently expressed every second day or so (when full) by a experienced vet in doing this procedure.

Wellbeing and health will continue to improve within a very short period of a week then following week or two your pet will start to show interest in walking, squatting and other improvements.

Each week you will see marked improvement, and use of bladder and rectum will be starting to mend with off and on releasing.

If treating a cat or small dog we will supply liquid medicines that go on body.
For dogs we will provide tiny pills that are easy to administer orally to dissolve in gum of mouth.



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