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Boarding Kennel - Holiday Away

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

For any animal that is left in kennels for any length of time.

For example dogs or cats that fret and stop eating, or maybe your dog may bark hysterically.

* Just several drops in drinking bowl daily for dogs, while carer can put several drop in the cats food bowl.

At any stage of acute symptoms, for fast quick results of de stressing a pet, several drops can be given on the body every 10 minutes, repeats at least 3 times for optimum results.

In both situations when we move a animal from home, always leave them with familiar bedding and toys.

Even a piece of clothing that has your sent on it, can be very comforting for all animals.


AN # 5 Anxiety Separation - No More $27.50

For Dogs that bark or chew things when owner leaves house, has a separation anxiety problem.

Use for Boarding Kennel situations as well.

Pets with fear of abandonment/separation, and previously traumatized.
Rescued animals from street or shelter/pounds will ALSO need healing on the emotional and spiritual levels.

Can use in conjunction with THE homeopathic GRIEF FORMULA!


AN # 3 Grief Eze 25ml (Humans and Pets) $27.50

Everyone Human or Pet will need this emotional remedy at some stage of their life!
For healing Emotional issues of loss, shock, grief. (Humans and Animals)
When emotions are out of balance. Where mental adjustment is needed.
Excellent for both humans and all species. For past or present losses, no matter how many years ago losses have happened.

Examples pet/animal who has lost another companion animal (same or other species) or human loss/separation/divorce.


Other very stressful times humans going through divorce, animals with loss of litter mates or their new born babies.


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