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Bloat (acute gastric distortion)

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Acute GASTRIC BLOAT Condition in DOGS Gastric dilatation-volvulus is an acute, life-threatening situation which requires immediate medical and surgical attention. Gastric dilatation means stomach distension or enlargement. This may or may not be accompanied by volvulus, or torsion, or twisting of the stomach on its long axis. Once the stomach twists, the stomach contents are trapped in place as the gas continues to build. As the stomach expands, it can press on major arteries and veins in the abdominal cavity, restricting blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Once this happens, the heart rate increases and the pulse becomes weak as the dog goes into shock. If the stomach swells enough, it can displace the spleen, cutting off circulation, and causing enlargement and even twisting of the spleen. With circulation for the stomach constricted, parts of the stomach wall can necrose, or die. All of this can happen over a period of hours, or even minutes. But once it starts, it needs immediate medical attention. Classic symptoms of bloat include pacing, difficulty walking, panting, discomfort, agitation, depression, drooling, foaming or frothing at the mouth, unproductive vomiting or retching, distension of the stomach.


AN # 136 Acute Bloat (25ml) $27.50

For Emergency treatment as well as a effective prevention formula. For all species.

One dose every 5 minutes, and take to vet for further assistance and observation if needed.


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