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Bladder Infections

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Veterinarian may refer to Cystitis as a Urinary Tract Infection, and thus prescribe antibiotics that prove non-affective. F.U.S., strive crystals or "stones" form in the lower urinary tract.

As these stones accumulate, the ability to urinate becomes hindered, and the cat begins to show discomfort while, or immediately after, urinating.

All evidence for the cause of these infections points to dry foods, commercial foods and the kind of alkaline system (acid is normal) that results from poor-quality diet and the availability of food between meals (for cats).

Changing diet from any type of tin foods and applying natural therapies, resulting in a stable cure rather than a temporary alleviation. The Natural remedies and change of diet and supplements can prevent recurrences, veterinary drugs, catheterisation, surgeries, and even death


AN # 121 Acidic - Vitamin C 125g $12.00

Very effective form of supplementing in pet's daily diet to bring about a change in a too alkaline one to a more balanced acidic one.

This is essential to have an acid system to be able to break down the crystals in the bladder, preventing cystitis and bladder blockage.

No need for the artificial acid drug that is only good when use it, then once you stop too alkaline system returns.

Also important to discontinue cat biscuits and special PH acid balanced foods, that are artificial and unhealthy full of chemicals.


AN # 14 Cystitis (Set 2) $59.00

1. Cystitis Formula (25ml)
2. Herbal Bladder (100ml) a couple of drops in every meal given.

Treatment and prevention of bladder infections, crystals and blockages.
This natural remedy helps reduce inflammation of the urinary bladder and urethra, from crystals or stones.

NOTE: Antibiotics will not cure this problem.

Instructions provided and diet sheet and info


AN # 233 HERBA BLADDER 100ml $20.00

Herbal Liquid Extract

Rebalance the system to a more acidic one to prevent and/or treat cystitis, and other bladder issues.



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