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Birthing Support/Whelping

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Natural and safe treatments that will not effect the new born, helps any animal or human through birthing that maybe difficult or previous problems of known birthing problems. For care of your brood mare, felines, canines and any other species or farm animals given before, during and after pregnancy.

These natural remedies are safe and gentle having no side affects at all either for the babies or mother.

For example:
1. Caulophyllum 200C is given for all species, and is the main remedy for assisting ease of birth.
2. Arnica 200C is also given before and after birth to repair and prevent bruising, stops bleeding and/or muscle damages of tissues fast heal and infection prevention.
3. Sepia 6C will help uterus quickly return to normal.
4. Urtica Urens 200C which is used if the animal needs to produce more milk.

Other suggested remedies to have on hand or use:
Pyrogenium 200C is used for prevention or treatment of infections, any septic conditions, with high temperature, small wounds/tears becoming septic, vomiting, diarrhoea with straining.

This is given frequently of every hour, until symptoms and wellbeing improve.

Viburnum Op 30C can be given for purebred breeding animals who have shown a history of miscarriages.

Can be given daily, during the first two weeks of pregnancy.

Full instructions are given with this combination formula of 4 remedies together for easy applications.


AN # 119 Birthing Aid (Set 2) $33.00

1. Birthing Aid 25ml
- Natural and gentle formula for assisting in ease of birth, prevention of infections, whelping and healing and pain afterwards.
2. Milk stimulant 25ml


AN # 65 PYOMETRA INFECTION (Uterus Infection in Bitches) Set of 2 $44.00
An effective and natural homeopathic treatment for pyometra.

Pyometra Formula 1. For Young bitches and mature female treatment.
Antibiotic Formula 2. Herbal liquid Antibiotics

The remedies first cleanse the system and then heals the infection safely and completely without any further problems.
Herbal antibiotic is also provided, drops are added to daily meals.
Once healed best advise is to sterilize.
As infection can threaten the dogs life, signs of listness with infection, needs emergency hysterectomy.


AN # 71 ANTIBIOTIC (herbal Infection Fighter) 50ml Liquid $33.00
A wonderful and effective antibiotics for any type of infection without stripping the good gut flora.

*Herbal treatment of several drops are given in meals/food.

Bottle 1. Infection Fighter - Herbs 1:2 Concentrate
(Ingredients: Golden Seal, Echinacea, Baptisa, Blue flag, Olive Leaf. 1:2 liquid extract).


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