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Animal First Aid Kit

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

The homeopathic kit was custom made for treating acute and serious cases that can occur with all animal species.

These remedies can save lives, giving them immediately, and on the way to the Vets.

Many clients ask for THESE home pet kits, as they can be in remote areas. Driving to the nearest Vet maybe hours away or none within driving distance.

Excellent to take with you when travelling away from home as well.

AN # 195 Animal First Aid Kit $88.00

Contains 15 Remedies. (For ALL SPECIES/HUMANS)
1. Any type of emotional & physical shock/fear/trauma - animal bites/attacks, injury.
2. Stings or bite allergic reaction and shock/pain/bites.
3. Shock, trauma, bleeding, surgery.
4. Acute asthma attack.
5. Heat stroke/exhaustion.
6. Acute kidney failure/nephritis.
7. Acute pancreatitis attack.
8. broken bones fast repair.
9. torn ligament repair.
10. Infection / fever.
11. Gastric Bloat (emergency).
12. Snake Bite.
13. Urethral Blockage
14. Lymes tick nosode (USA)
15. Tick Nosode (AUST)
16. Haemorrhage - Emergency aid.


AN # 78 CANINE KIT $143.00

*10 Remedies USA *9 Remedies AUS
1. Tick Bite Paralysis pills (for AUST only)
2. Lyme Tick nosode Immunization (for USA only)
2. Sting & Bite (any bite or sting pain or allergy reaction, infection and shock)
3. Injury Heal (surgery /shock /bleeding)
4. Heartworm Nosode prevention (also Hawthorn Berries, Blackwalnut herbs for treatment)
5. Intestinal Multi-wormer (dog and cat, kitten, pup)
6. Liver Detox (pet that has had past / present drugs, anaesthetic, cortisones all damage and affect the LIVER)
7. Calm Remedy pills (for any stressful situations, just anxious pet)
8. Herbal Antibiotic (will effectively heal any type of infection any part of body - without side affects)
9. Canine Immunization Oral Nosodes (parvo /hepatitis/ /distemper / kennel Cough)
(Canine Immunization Certificate Included)
10. Rabies Oral nosode Immunization (help detox, and prevent negative side affects of vaccine) (for USA only)

For Australian's will also receive a National list of Recommended Boarding Kennels that recognise Natural Oral nosode Immunizations.

*One homeopathic Canine and Feline Kit will treat MULTIPLE house hold of pets and keep potentized 4 - 5 years. Providing remedies are kept away from direct sunlight, microwaves, strong odours.
Also included natural dog and cat Diet sheets. Instruction leaflet for kit.

To Rid FLEA's (Use Borax Powder on carpets stops FLEA cycle -vacuum up)


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