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Animal Behaviour Problems

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

All the selected remedies below will work wonderfully for your animal. Depending what symptoms your pet is showing.

AN # 5 Anxiety Separation - No More $27.50

For Dogs that bark or chew things when owner leaves house, has a separation anxiety problem.

Use for boarding Kennel situations as well.

Pets with fear of abandonment/separation, and previously traumatized.
Rescued animals from street or shelter/pounds will ALSO need healing on the emotional and spiritual levels.

Can use in conjunction with THE homeopathic GRIEF FORMULA!


AN # 132 Depression Balance 50ml $27.50

Use this remedy in conjunction with FEAR Balance and BLOOD SUGAR Balance. Where there is depression, there has to be fear lurking within, and then the Blood sugar levels must be shaky.
Combinations of these 3 remedies brings about quick emotional and mental normality. Great for humans as well!


AN # 116 Dogs Fearful of Men (Only) 25ml $27.50

To help resolve mistrust and fear in a dog or horse. We find this is common problem in previously abused dogs.
The fear is usually with males only.
As most often it was men or boys who had been the aggressor towards these dogs and puppies.


AN # 134 Fear Balance 50ml $27.50

Fearful animals. From previous abuse or trauma.
For all mental and emotional situations. Fear full animals can also display negative behaviour in the form of warning people with their baring of teeth, including nipping/biting if acute fear is present.


AN # 160 Fear or Aggression Since Pet Attack $33.00

Aggression / Anxiousness treatment for pets (dogs or cats) who are displaying this fear based reaction.

Good for any pet - dog, cat or other species that have been attacked or bitten by another animal. Which has know presented the cat or dog to be timid , not wanting go outside or walks etc. With dogs they tend to become either very nervous or aggressive towards other dogs, when normally they were fine.

Remedy will assist in releasing shock or fear on the emotional level.

Healing on this level will prevent future anxiety and fear for dogs when mixing with other animals in the park.
Also can effectively use for ANY PET WHO seems to be a hypersensitive pet.


AN # 135 Hysteria Balance 50ml $27.50

Animals that have acute fear and react quickly.
Are displaying over the top excitement or even hyper active.
One could sense this pet is a very sensitive pets.


AN # 4 Pet Calm 25ml $27.50

Pet who may fret and stops eating or becomes anxious being left in kennels or vet clinic.
Helps with separation anxiety, fear, stress, or depression.

All animals and species respond well to these remedies. Leave bottle with Kennel Caretaker or Vet nurse.
Full dosage instructions supplied.


AN # 133 Stress Balance 50ml $27.50

For anyone pet or human under stress through illness or on a emotional level. The remedy covers shock, grief, worry, sleeplessness, emotional .ie. After surgery, chronic or acute illness, emotional times of changes and events.


AN # 167 Top Perform & Lactic Acid Aid (set 2) $63.80

Homeopathic remedy to help maintain health of the muscles and stress in the body.
This is important to protect damages or tears are prevented. Also if animal was involved in some sort of stress or interference while racing. .. falls, kicked at, hit, bruised, lame, bleeding.

Bottle 1. Top Performance 25ml
A dose every 5 minutes for 3 in total, then reduce frequency to heal damage/swelling/shock/bleeding.
One 50ML Bottle will do many horses and dogs for many months. (Larger bottles on request)

Bottle 2. LactoAc Aid 50ml
Herbal formula to be given orally after a race.

Both remedies can be given before and/or after a race or event.


AN # 105 Travel Ease (Car & Plane) Set of 2 $27.50
1 Car Travel Ease (All species)
2 (a) Plane trip (fear / oxygen aid)
(b) Nerve Stress repair (many cats and small dogs appreciate this remedy) Animal that display fear of travel, or car
sickness, anxious, shaking, or nausea, hiding under seat, excessive barking when in car.

Dosage Instruction provided.


AN # 1 Upset Spray 25ml $27.50

Homeopathic and Bach flowers combination for stressed, upset and habit forming pets who express themselves by marking outside the kitty litter or garden.
These pets are normally sensitive and nervous type pets who need help with their emotional delicate side of them.
NOTE: Sometimes trying to urinate and missing the tray may also be a sign that kitty may have urinary and bladder infection or inflammation.

If diagnosed with cystitis then please see the CYSTITIS Remedy or
if urinary blockage issues - the remedy for this is URETHRAL BLOCKAGE Remedy


AN # 221 THUNDER - EZE (Fear of thunder noise and lightening) 50ml $33.00

1. Thunder EZE (50ml pills)
(homeopathic combination of : Rhododendron CM, Electicitis nosode, Phosphorus, Borax, Bach flowers Mimulus, Rock Rose 1M) Works very very well.


Unruly, destructive pets! With Hyper-active tendencies in general!
- If just hyperactive or pacing (especially at night).


AN # 132 DEPRESSION BALANCE 50 ml $27.50
Use this remedy in conjunction with FEAR Balance and BLOOD SUGAR Balance. Where there is depression, there has to be fear lurking within, and then the Blood sugar levels must be shaky.
Combinations of these 3 remedies bring about quick emotional and mental normality. Great for humans as well!


AN # 66 FEAR NO MORE - loud noises / show ring 25ml $33.00

A Safe and natural remedy for dogs or other species who are sensitive to loud noises, fireworks, thunder and lightning, fear of wind or storms and change of weather.

*Excellent for SHOW RING DOGS who are sensitive to noises or fear of all the activity around them.

This remedy will assist in acute reactions to future noises.

If pet is really bad, use in conjunction with some Calmative Herbs.
Please request this to be added if you wish.


AN # 7 Timid Pet Relief 25ml $27.50

Bottle 1. Timid Pet
Safe and gentle healing FOR pets who lack confidence. Displaying fear and sometimes aggression towards other pets and children. These cats may have been traumatized by children or other environmental factors - past or present. Hiding behind furniture is also another trait they may be displaying.


AN # 3 GRIEF (for Humans and Pets) 25ml $27.50
Everyone Human or Pet will need this emotional remedy at some stage of their life!
For healing Emotional issues of loss, shock, grief. (Humans and Animals )
When emotions are out of balance. Where mental adjustment is needed.
Excellent for both humans and all species for past or present losses, no matter how many years ago losses have happened.

Examples Pet/animal who has lost another companion animal (same or other species) or human loss/separation/divorce.


Other very stressful times humans going through divorce, animals with loss of litter mates or their new born babies.



Bottle 1. Terrospray
Contains: Homeopathic - Ignatia, Ustigago Maja 200C with Bach flowers Rock rose, mimulus, walnut, vine 5M strength.

Dogs and Cats who are acting a little stressed when a new pet is in the house and feel the need to mark their territory / house.
If your pet is already sterile, if (not sterile) the best thing to do is sterilize male dog no earlier than 12 months age.
Females can be done sooner at approx. 6 months old, no later as cat can fall pregnant early.


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