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Anaesthetic Detox

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Many animals and people are affected by the anaesthetic.

Many humans and pets have difficulty waking up, and stay groggy for days on end. Some animals do not come out of the anaesthetic and die on the operating table, if they are weak with disease, kidney disease, or just elderly (or just given too much anaesthetic - which has happened)

The anaesthetic is actually a highly toxic substance for humans and animals, and so it is highly recommended to have some sort of a cleanse from this chemical. For animals, the anaesthetic is the same chemical drug / poison they give to euthanize them with. They just give more of the drug for euthanasia.

Please insist that your pet in on a IV drip before, during and after surgery. This will help flush poisons from their body.

With surgery there are many natural remedies to assist in fast healing and repair after surgery and trauma to the body. ...Shock, bleeding, bruising and nerve damages are to name a few.

Their is no need to let them suffer in silence ask for a suitable remedy to heal their body, as different remedies are used depending on what type of surgery. All these formula's are for humans and all species.


AN 184 Anaesthesia Support (Set of 3) $44.00

Bottle 1. Anaesthetic Detox
Detox formula to help repair and remove the toxins from the system especially to the liver and kidney.
Give detox formula 3 x daily for 1 to 2 weeks.

Satchel 2. Wake up
This formula is for pets/humans that were given too much anaesthetic and/or did not handle the anaesthetic. With or without vomiting, very groggy and sleepy, for more than 10 hours afterwards.

Satchel 3. Difficultly waking - emergency
Homeopathic that will help wake an animal up if still unconscious and having difficulty coming around after the anaesthetic.
(1 to 2 dose is usually all that is needed)

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