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Allergies - grass, pollen, insect, inhalant

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Pets (and humans) who have reactions of inflammation to certain environmental elements are known to be immune deficient response. In order to strengthen the immune system we need to try and reduce the stress in our/the pet's life, if this can be done along with adding Vit B (crushed for pets) and added to meals 2 x daily of 50mg for med size pet.

Address any emotional issues or character type ie sensitive, timid, fearful/aggressive etc etc with homeopathic emotional remedies.

Secondly reduce the toxic input of drugs and chemical products that the animal is exposed to either environmental and prescription drugs and products. ie flea, wormers, vaccines, heartworm etc etc.

Change over to only safe non chemical medicines and products, this would help repair the immune system and prevent organ damages and so on.

To help a pet or human who has a very depleted immune system or emotionally stressed body, we have also provided a list of natural allergy remedies to help strength the system against the reactions of the elements. But in general we want to aim in building the immune system back to a healthy and vital one.

No matter how many allergen reactions you or your animal has, it is the immune system that needs repairing.


AN # 60 Epidermal, Inhalant Mix Alllergy Immune 25ml $11.00

Homeopathic nosode made from mixed feathers, sheep wool (raw), dog fur, cat fur and dander, horse hair , cow hair, human hair, rabbit fur, and house dust.
- Homeopathic nosode made from; tobacco smoke, perfume, formaldehyde fumes, Carbon Monoxide, Psorinum, Arg Nit, Lymph


AN # 120 Ester C Vitamin Powder (250gm) $53.90

Fortified Vitamin C which is essential for the aid of healing and promotion of good health.
We highly recommend the Ester C supplement for any type of bone joint problem like arthritic, hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis ...

Dogs that have any type of skin allergies, including all cancer patients.
However Vit C is also used daily in small doses as a general antioxidant protector and healer, adding 1/4 tspn daily to meals.


AN # 61Food Mix Allergy Formula 30C $11.00

Homeopathic nosode made from specific food groups: chicken, beef, Veal, Pork, Bacon, and Urtica Urens Lymph.


AN # 59 Grass, Pollen, Mold Allergy Immune (25ml) $11.00

Prepared Homeopathic nosode made from over 41 types of grass types, pollens of various grasses, weeds, flowers, trees, Urtica Urens, Lymp, and over 75 different strains of moulds.


AN # 67 Parasite Allergy Formula (25ml) $11.00

1. Parasite Allergen
Homeopathic nosode of the dog flea ,cat flea, tick, and house dust mite.

This remedy is suitable for dogs that have an allergy reaction to the bite of any of these parasites. But will not kill fleas. Follow the below instructions for this -

Flea infestation on your pet/s or house - the best way to rid the fleas is to Sprinkle Borax powder (from supermarket) on beds and floors and outside where pet lies.

Vacuum carpet areas up after sprinkle. Will stop flea cycle of eggs and fleas jumping off and on your pet/s. Use in conjunction with a flea comb.

Repeat once or twice each summer when needed.


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