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Acral Lick Granulomas

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Acral Lick Granulomas , Proud flesh, & Rodent Ulcers in Dogs

Acral lick granulomas are a common problem in dogs and refer to the raised reddened, tough, rubbery tissue that results from dogs licking the same area over and over again.

The cause if this is usually because of underlying allergies, anything else that itches in the area, or possibly from compulsive disorders associated with boredom and/or anxieties...kind of like us biting our fingernails to the quick. Conventional treatment can be frustrating for both Vet and owner in the sense that the simpler treatments that are likely to be tried at first will prove to be insufficient.
So be prepared for repeated attempts. is a good exam looking for infection, underlying injury or bone infection, for other signs of allergies etc.
This includes a skin scraping for mites, especially in young dogs. Of course, if infection, mites, foreign bodies, thorns, ingrown hairs, or allergies are detected, then solving such problems will become part of the treatment plan.


Step 1. is topical treatment to reduce the itch, to help repel licking, and to treat surface infection.
Which is a combination of prescription strength hydrocortisone cream, Malotic Ointment, a bandage, and sometimes an Elizabethan collar. Sometimes repellents like bitter orange help.
Some vets like to add DMSO.

Step 2 Systemic treatment.
Which is prescribing chemical antibiotics, possibly steroids, and antihistamines. Prozac or other compulsive disorder medications might be suggested to suppress the condition.

Consider long acting steroid therapy such as methylprednisolone injections. Short of surgery, this is usually the most successful treatment, but then you have to weigh whether it's worth the risk of potential side effects. Cyclosporin (Atopica) may be a successful and safer alternative to long term steroids, but such treatment is quite expensive. Surgical removal is sometimes needed to prevent further infections or treat lameness or for cosmetic reasons.


Natural Topical treatment: Use Aloe Vera Gel, dries and heals the lesions quickly

Fatty Acid Oil Supplementation added to daily meals is a great start, along with homeopathic medicines according to symptoms and use of selected miasm therapy.

Switching over to a natural diet with vitamin supplements to boost the immune system.

With our natural formula for systemic immune boosting treatment it will provide a natural and safe healing program that will last a life time.


AN #202 Acral Lick Granulomas (set 2) $49.50

Bottle 1. Systemic Immune Booster 50ML
Bottle 2. Topical Aloe and Calendula Cream (50gm)

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