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Abscess / Ear Infection

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Drawing out discharge remedy.
Occasionally your pet may be forced into some territorial brawl and claw fighting. These puncture wounds can become infected, causing a sore soft swelling at the claw puncture wound. If left undetected for a number of months, it will cause some lameness if on leg/shoulder or paw.

If the abscess can be reached easily your pet will lick the wound and will end up assisting the bursting and releasing of pus and most often a pet if they can reach the abscess will help break the skin for it to drain naturally. When it is in a position that cannot be licked then we can use this Abscess remedy that will assist in bringing the abscess to a head and then draining.

This remedy also has a natural antibiotic to assist in fast healing. As well as assisting in drawing out discharge from pet's who have infections and discharge from the ear canal - infection

By using the remedy making it not necessary for surgical intervention.


AN # 16 Drawing Formula (25ml) $33.00
Use this remedy for assisting in OPENING and DRAINING ABSCESSES

Any morbid matter to be pulled out of the body/toes/ear canal/tooth abscess, will react to this wonderful formula - be it mucus in the sinus, tonsils, ears, uterus or rectum. It works in draining fissures and putrid ulcers, no matter of how long standing.

No need for vet assistance OR Lancing OR Antibiotics.

Instructions included for quick healing results.


AN # 70 Infection Fighter (Herbal) 50ml $33.00

1. Infection Fighter Herbal liquid 1:2 Concentrate
(Ingredients: Golden Seal, Echinacea, Baptisa, Blue flag. 1:2 liquid extract)

A wonderful and effective antibiotics for any type of infection without stripping the good gut flora.

*Herbal treatment of several drops are given in meals/food.


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